Surface: A Compilation of Techniques

When it comes to learning new surface decorating techniques, the next best thing to being at a workshop is watching a video – especially when the video features four great artists. In this compilation from Ceramic Arts Daily Presents, join Sarah Jaeger, Linda Arbuckle, Amy Sanders...(Scroll for more.)

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… and Erin Furimsky as they show you some really cool ways to decorate using a variety of techniques. Gathered from their full-length videos, these robust projects focus on different ways to creatively enhance your surfaces and inspire fresh ideas.


AMY SANDERS – Textures

Raised in a quilting and sewing family, Amy Sanders takes her inspiration from fabric patterns. Amy demonstrates how to make your own custom texture plates to use with soft slab constructions, then shows you how to create stamp appliques—similar to sprigs but much more creative and personal. Whether you choose to make plates, appliques or both, you’ll discover how easy it is to create an endless variety of textures unique only to you.

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Porcelain potter Sarah Jaeger demonstrates how her glazing process enhances a form. A firm believer that the visual is as important to function as the tactile, Sarah combines contrasting colors in a layered technique that serves to create a lustrous surface. Over a clear glaze, her rutile and cobalt washes with trailed accents and resist areas all contribute to a unified effect that’s suitable for the table or the gallery. Although she fires pieces made with porcelain to cone 10, her technique is suitable for all types of glazes at any temperature range.

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ERIN FURIMSKY – Stencils, Blending and Transfers

Erin demonstrates how you can create visual depth to your surfaces using paper stencils, blending underglazes and adding underglaze transfers. She works with clay at the leather-hard stage using techniques that provide a creative look as stencils, blended colors and transfers all work together to achieve a refreshing look that’s greater than the parts. Learn the secrets of blending underglazes to achieve subtle color variations, or discover the easy way to transfer intricate images without decals or a silkscreen—Erin demonstrates it all.

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Nothing beats majolica when you’re looking for a way to add color to your surfaces. This centuries-old low-temperature onglaze decorating technique, which began in the Middle East centuries ago, is seeing a renaissance among potters today. Linda Arbuckle, a long-time practitioner, has dedicated years to the study and perfection of majolica and brings the process into 21st century. You’ll learn the basics of how to prepare the surface, mix your own colors, and apply on glazes for truly stunning results.

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