Setting Up Your Studio for Success with Deb Schwartzkopf

In this video series, Deb Schwartzkopf candidly shares the secrets of building her successful business from the ground up and provides practical tips for efficiency and ... (Scroll down for more!)


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… productivity. In the interview portion of the video, Building a Studio Business, Deb covers everything from defining wants and needs, to using crowd funding to help finance, to online organizational tools to help keep everything running

What’s covered:

  • Getting feedback and staying organized with online tools
  • Fixing things right the first time
  • Defining your wants and needs
  • Kiln considerations
  • Creating dedicated spaces
  • Tips for using crowd funding campaigns
  • Setting up contracts and waivers
  • and more!

In part two, Deb does a walk through of her studio, discussing how everything is set up for efficiency, including how-to demonstrations of the systems she developed to help manage waste clay and glaze, her space-saving bat system, and more!

What’s covered:

  • Creating ample and adjustable shelving systems
  • Making paver tiles out of clay and glaze waste
  • Making a space more adaptable with casters
  • Smart ideas for tool storage
  • Making space-saving bat system

If you currently have a studio that could use some help, this video series will fill you with ideas to make it the studio of your dreams. Or if you don’t currently have your own space, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to successfully set up your own studio!

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