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Collect all four and save! Introducing the Ceramic Arts Select Series! Each edition of the Ceramic Arts Select Series focuses on specific related forms and presents some of the best examples of how contemporary artists are...(Scroll down for more.)

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…exploring, innovating, and celebrating those forms. Filled with in-depth instruction, this series covers just about every form you could imagine in some of the most interesting and inspiring ways imaginable.

Plates, Platters, & Bowls

PlatesPlattersBowlsCover-220WFrom a large platter intended to be hung on a wall to a small treat bowl, and everything in between, there is no end to the creative expression possible with plates, platters, and bowls. This book is a testament to that variety. Plates, Platters, & Bowls, features twenty in-depth, step-by-step projects. With both wheel-thrown and handbuilt examples, you’ll find solutions for common problems like how to throw a large platter or bowl without breaking your back. But you’ll also find unusual and innovative interpretations on these classic forms such as asymmetrical handbuilt bowls that are folded like origami and arranged together as sculptural explorations of geometry. This volume is a perfect balance of practical information and thought-provoking inspiration and is a must for anyone interested in strengthening their work and expanding their creative expression.

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Pitchers, Teapots, Cups, & Mugs

pitchersteapotscupsmugs-220wPouring and drinking vessels are some of the most commonly used items in any home. As such, they need to function well, be ready to work overtime, and be engaging objects to interact with. These parameters provide a creative challenge for the potter. Pitchers, Teapots, Cups, and Mugs, features 18 detailed, step-by-step projects that explore various approaches to making these pots using both wheel-throwing and handbuilding techniques. From the handmade thermos and mug set inspired by a cold commute to various approaches to making pouring and drinking vessels of all kinds, you’ll find opportunities to learn new techniques and apply your own experiences to developing a personal aesthetic. It’s time well spent on forms that are the foundation of many potter’s stock and trade.

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Kitchen Pots, Bakers, & Serving Dishes

kitchenbakersservingvessels-220wEvery potter has certain common forms in their repertoire – think bowls and mugs. But the kitchen is home to various less-common pots – from muffin pans and juicers, to batter bowls and salt shakers – that are great fun for the potter to investigate. This book showcases pots used for prepping, cooking, and presenting food. In Kitchen Pots, Bakers & Serving Vessels, you’ll find nineteen easy-to-follow, step-by-step projects. The artists share not only the process but also the functional considerations taken in the planning stages. You’ll discover how to make a baking dish just the right size to fit lasagna noodles, and how to match the curves on a mortar & pestle for maximum crushing surface. It is these details that separate the pots people want to use from the pots that sit in the cupboard. You’ll also learn how to design pots that enhance the dining experience by presenting food beautifully. A nice mingling of the “how to” and the “why to” for some of pottery’s less common forms, this book is a welcome addition to any ceramic library.

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Jars, Vases, Boxes, & Baskets

jarsvasesboxes-220wHandmade pots find homes in various places around the house. From the vase in the living room that holds fresh-cut garden blooms, to canisters in the pantry, to the cookie jar on the kitchen counter, to the whiskey bottle or flask in the liquor cabinet, they add a personal touch to our environment. This book showcases lidded pots used for storing and serving food, displaying flowers or fruit, and keeping clutter artfully contained. In Jars, Vases, Boxes, and Baskets, you’ll find nineteen step-by-step projects that demonstrate the wide range of possibilities open to artists interested in exploring these forms using both handbuilding and wheel-throwing techniques. You’ll learn how to dart and divide thrown forms to make vases, baskets, and jars alike. Plus, artists share invaluable tips like making both round and non-round canisters and boxes with lids that fit perfectly. Between the tips and inspiration, this book will help you increase your productivity and creativity in the studio.

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