Select Series: Jars, Vases, Boxes, and Baskets

Handmade pots find homes in various places around the house. From the vase in the living room that holds fresh-cut garden blooms, to canisters in the pantry, to the cookie jar on the kitchen counter, to the whiskey bottle or flask in the liquor cabinet, they add a personal touch to our environment. Part of the Ceramic Arts Select Series—which focuses on...(Scroll down for more.)

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Softcover | 87 Pages
Order code B164 | ISBN 978-1-57498-383-8

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…a group of related forms and presents some of the best examples of how contemporary artists are exploring, innovating, and celebrating those forms—this book showcases lidded pots used for storing and serving food, displaying flowers or fruit, and keeping clutter artfully contained.

In Jars, Vases, Boxes, and Baskets, you’ll find nineteen step-by-step projects that demonstrate the wide range of possibilities open to artists interested in exploring these forms using both handbuilding and wheel-throwing techniques. You’ll learn how to dart and divide thrown forms to make vases, baskets, and jars alike. Plus, artists share invaluable tips like making both round and non-round canisters and boxes with lids that fit perfectly. Between the tips and inspiration, this book will help you increase your productivity and creativity in the studio.


Scalloped Flower Vase by Allison McGowan Hermans

Learn to handbuild a large vase with all-over texture in this project from Allison McGowans. McGowans layers textures and then uses glazes that run and pool to accentuate and create beautiful depth in the surfaces.

Squared Vase by Adam Gruetzmacher

Instead of darting, Adam Gruetzmacher cuts one-inch-wide strips from the rim to the foot of his vases. He then reattaches them creating a more narrow form and leaving the seams visible as design elements. Read his process in depth here!

Darted Sculpted Vase by Sam Chung

When Sam Chung stumbled across a book of Korean Cloud motifs, he decided to explore pairing them with traditional Korean pottery forms, and his cloud series was born. Here, he shares his wheel throwing and altering process, which results in pots that look like they are peering out from behind puffy clouds.

Textured, Perforated Vase by Bryan Hopkins

A high loss rate comes with the territory high loss rate when your goal is to push the material to its limits. Bryan Hopkins explains his process, which includes throwing pots on the wheel, cutting them into slab sections, pressing some of the sections into bisque molds, then putting it all back together in interesting constructions.

Slipped and Stamped Vase by Paul Linhares

Paul Linhares shares his techniques for throwing a bellied-out vase and paddling it into shapes that are perfect for surface decoration. He also shares his decorative process including his slip and glaze recipes!

Three Piece Vase by Andrea Perisho

Veteran potter Mark Issenberg creates his beautiful signature vases in three parts. When breaking down a big project into smaller pieces, the impossible becomes possible. Learn this technique and you can astonish your friends and loved ones with an impressive large piece!

Vase with Slumped Sides by Brenda Quinn

Brenda Quinn loves exploring new forms by mixing and matching techniques. In this chapter, Brenda explains how she used a slump mold originally intended for a platter to develop a lovely vase form.

Molded and Thrown Lidded Jar by A. Blair Clemo

Although they may look like they are attached to the surface, the ornamental elements in Blair Clemo’s work are a part of the structure of the pieces. Blair explains how he handbuilds with decorative sprigs and forming molds, and then finishes them off on the wheel.

Folded Flask by Tim Compton

Tim Compton’s undulating forms react well to the atmospheric firings he does, but would also do well with a pooling glaze in an electric kiln. Here he explains the process for his thrown and heavily altered flasks.

Precision lidded Jars by Billy Lloyd

A popular aesthetic in ceramics these days is highly-refined, elegant tableware. Billy Lloyd demonstrates his step-by-step technique for throwing remarkable streamlined porcelain jars in many simple steps with lots of attention to detail.

Whiskey bottle by Matt Schiemann

Whiskey bottles are a popular form in a lot of potters’ vocabularies – understandably because whiskey is delicious! In this chapter, Matt explains how he designs his bottles and cups to make the whiskey drinking experience optimal. He also shares his clay, glaze, and slip recipes!

Cap-lid Jar by Sam Scott

Sam Scott provides helpful tips for throwing large bulbous jar forms with porcelain in this chapter. If you’ve ever struggled with porcelain or with throwing large round forms, this chapter will be welcomed!

Square Lidded Jars by Bill Wilkey

It is a fun exercise to make two-part pieces and find ways to make the components hang together visually. Bill Wilkey’s jars do this perfectly. From the soft squaring off of both the jar and lid, to the slightly arching rim that echoes the arches on the feet of the jar, every detail is considered to make a cohesive whole.

Out of Round by Elise W. Pincu Delfield

Round pottery can get a little tired for Elise W. Pincu Delfield so she chooses to alter her pieces into new and interesting shapes. In this project she shares her methods for creating a jar with volume. She also shares he glazing techniques!

Triangular Box by Marty Fielding

Believe it or not, Marty Fielding’s angular forms start off on the wheel. After throwing a bottomless cylinder he alters them into squares, rectangles, or in this case, triangles. He walks through the whole process here.

Stilted Bucket by Jake Allee

The “Stilted Bucket” consists of three basic thrown forms: A bulbous cylinder that is marked, altered, and sprigged; A thick disc that is stretched into an oval; And a wide bottomless cylinder. Find out how they all come together in this chapter!

Woven Clay Baskets by James Irwin

Shuji Ikeda’s woven basket forms are amazing in their meticulous detail and perfection. A quick glance and you would think they were woven wood. James Irwin reveals his painstaking technique in this chapter.

Textured Flower Basket by Marion Peters Angelica

Marion Peters Angelica likes the fresh look she can create when working with soft slabs. But working with soft slabs can be challenging. In this chapter, she shares great tips gleaned from working with soft slabs.

Lidded Flower Brick by Joan Bruneau

Flower bricks have a long history in the ceramic world and now you can find them in a wide array of shapes and sizes made using all sorts of techniques. Joan Bruneau creates her flower bricks from entirely wheel-thrown pieces, right down to the florets and rosettes that decorate the flower grid. Joan shares her process here.

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