Robin Hopper Ceramics: A Lifetime of Works Ideas and Teachings

Learn about Robin’s more than 50-year exploration of ceramics. Discover the “hows” and “whys” behind Robin’s artistry ...(Scroll for more.)



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Softcover | 256 Pages
Order Code B137 | ISBN 978-0-87349-996-5

… and enjoy his innovative insights on form, surface, function, and design, as well as his personal reflection on his This book paints an intriguing self-portrait of the late legendary artist, teacher, and arts activist as it urges artists to push themselves further in their work.

“This book is about CAUSE and EFFECT. The CAUSE is the personal life journey of the artist: The EFFECT is jn how that journey evolves into individual acts of creation. Along the road, a whole lot of personal research was required, together with tips and tricks from mentors and guides that also became the core material of several other books. Here, the journey and its multiple destinations are explored together.” — Robin Hopper

Concepts of form and surface

Probably Robin’s most lasting legacy is his dissertations on form and function for the studio potter. Through constant study and observation, Robin brought together the core ideas of design every potter should understand, and that, along with surface development, constitute the heart of making the pots we want to make.

Developing ideas

Robin Hopper has the ability to take his love of design and nature to develop ideas for an endless array of pottery and clay objects. He outlined his line of attack and displays his resulting work series consisting of several themes and variations.

Explore the possibilities

More than 400 photos and illustrations showcase finished pieces, ideas and instructions ceramists can easily apply to their own work. Join Robin as he inspires and instructs artists on topics including form, surface, function, design, development and themes. This is the one autobiography that all ceramic artists should have in their studios to exhilarate, educate and encourage them to explore!

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