Pouring Vessels with Suze Lindsay

Are your pots looking tired and bored? If you’re looking for a way to bring life and energy to your work, Suze Lindsay can show you how. In this edition of Ceramic Arts Daily Presents, Suze demonstrates the art of creating pouring vessels that seem to come alive right before your eyes. As you watch her throw, alter, assemble...(Scroll for more.)

$47.97 — $52.97

Runtime: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Sneak a peek!

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…and decorate a series of projects, you’ll see what it takes to add that something extra at every stage of the process. From her demonstrations of an English style jug, a couple of different types of small pitchers, a gravy boat and saucer, a large stacked pitcher and a teapot, Suze’s easy-going spirit shines through her work as she shows you how to add character to each pot. Original List Price: $69.97

Looking to others

One source of Suze’s inspiration is from her small pottery studio located in the mountains of North Carolina not far from Asheville. But throughout the video, Suze discusses her influences from books and from her extensive collection of pots from other potters. Before demonstrating each form, she shows you examples of what other potters make and why they’re pleasing to the eye and very functional to use.

Build your skills

To get your clay pieces to more closely reflect your creative spirit, Suze shows you tips and techniques with each project that will help you make livelier pots. As the projects build in complexity, you’ll find your skills increasing as you learn to pull spouts and handles, cut darts and alter shapes, add strap handles and create trays. Each new technique you learn increases your ability to create the pottery you want.

Decorating the pots

After making each vessel, Suze demonstrates her decorating technique unique to each form. She prefers slip decoration at the greenware stage because this adds continuity to her creative process where she avoids long waits between creating, drying and bisquing. Using hakame, sgraffito, resists, and brushwork, you’ll gain a knowledge of how you can incorporate this spontaneous process into your work as well.

What to expect

While most videos skimp on the details, Suze’s DVD is comprehensive in every sense of the word. As close to the workshop experience as you can get, this 3-hour video captures every detail in the making process and provides a way for Suze to better explain what she’s trying to achieve with her techniques and her pottery. With Suze at your side, your pots are sure to take on a new life of their own.

Artist Statement

Pots are like people. Their form is described by some of the same definitions—lips, feet, and shoulders—and their character and personality can be expressed by being open, warm, generous, rotund, sensuous, loose or jolly. My use of the vessel/female metaphor lies in the subtle suggestion of figure in form. Vases have soft female curves and decorations that imply clothing. Many of my forms are raised on a pedestal-like foot that serves as a ‘skirt’. My method of stacking various volumes allows me to play with human proportions and relationships. Altering a pot out of the round creates contrasting angles that suggest hips and waists. The use of line and pattern accentuates the mood or nature of the pot, and can prompt its use for specific occasions. The techniques I use when making my pots allows me to create each one with a personality of its own.


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