Pottery Making Illustrated PDF: May/June 2014

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The Oribe-Inspired Decorated Jar
by Ben Krupka

The Spouted Batter Bowl
by Courtney Long

The Print Duality
by Martina Lantin

Thrown and Handbuilt All at Once
by Naomi Tsukamoto

Relating Pattern to Form
by Shana Angela Salaff

Turn it Upside Down
by Glenn Woods

In the Studio: Purple Glazes
by Deanna Ranlett

In the Studio: Fluting Neriage Bowls
by Robin Hopper

In the Studio: Personal Water Pots
by J. Steven Baugh

In the Potter’s Kitchen: Olive Trays
by Sumi von Dassow

Pottery Illustrated: Ceramic Musical Forms
by Robin Ouellette

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