Playing with Form & Decoration with S.C. Rolf - Part 2 Pouring & Lidded Vessels

In this follow up to Playing with Form & Decoration 1, S.C. (Steven) Rolf shares his secrets to staying fresh and motivated in the studio by continually playing with form and decoration—this time focusing on lidded and pouring vessels. (Scroll for more!)

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Lidded vessels are basically two forms in one—the jar and the lid—and getting those to work cohesively is a fun challenge for the potter. Steve Rolf embraces this challenge and uses it as an excuse to play around with form and decoration in his studio. In this video, Steve shares a few different approaches to lidded jars, as well as a pouring vessel with an attached spout.

A Perfect Fit!

Getting a lid to fit perfectly is not the easiest task, but Steve walks through a couple of designs and shares tips for making them fit just right. You’ll learn strategies that will help you avoid common lid problems and make lids that fit like a glove. You’ll also learn to make both hollow and solid knobs.

Play with Shape, Proportion, and Surface!

In the several projects in this video, Steve experiments with different shapes and proportions based on the intended function of the piece. You’ll find out how to throw a two-piece jar to experiment with form and dimensions, and get insights on how to design forms that fit and function well in today’s kitchen. Steve also treats the surfaces of each piece differently so you can pick up some great ideas to try on your pots.

Make Custom Tools!

Steven’s wood shop is right next to his studio and he keeps various materials that can be easily fashioned into custom ribs to fill whatever need arises. So you’ll get great ideas and tips for custom ribs and decorating so they are exactly what you need! If you are handy with power tools, or know someone who is, your wheels with start turning with ideas for new custom ribs that do exactly what you need them to do.

This video is loaded with ideas and advice that will help you become more successful and efficient in the studio! Click here to learn more about Part 1, Cups & Bowls.

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