Playing with Form & Decoration with S.C. Rolf - Part 1 Cups & Bowls

In this video, S.C. (Steven) Rolf shares his secrets to staying fresh and motivated in the studio by continually playing with form and decoration. After going through some warm up exercises exploring decorative elements with cups, Steven switches to bowls and ...(Scroll for more!)

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Runtime: 1 hour, 45 minutes

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… creates different bowl forms including his signature rolled rim bowl. With each new form, he experiments with various surface decoration techniques that will inspire you to experiment in your own studio.

Sketching with Clay!

Each day in the studio, Steven warms up with simple cup “sketches,” as he calls them. These sketches help him explore new forms and/or surface touches because cups require a small amount of clay and relatively little effort. In the video, Steven demonstrates this exercise. Even if he doesn’t take all of these cups through to the glazing stage, new ideas percolate in his mind and often show up later in a different form.

Explore Shapes and Surfaces!

From a wide, flared bowl to a taller straight-sided bowl, Steven shows numerous ways to approach the bowl shape. He also shares ways to alter from the round and create interesting feet and rims, plus he demonstrates a multitude of interesting surface techniques.

Custom Tools!

Store-bought ribs are not always the right shape for the job at hand. Steven’s wood shop is right next to his studio and he keeps various materials that can be easily fashioned into custom ribs to fill whatever need arises. If you are handy with power tools, or know someone who is, your wheels with start turning with ideas for new custom ribs that do exactly what you need them to do.

Daily Assignments!

Although Steven has been a potter for 22 years, he keeps himself challenged in the studio by giving himself assignments such as working with a single form and creating a wareboard of variations on it. He then evaluates those variations and new forms are born.

This video is packed with ideas and advice that will help you become more successful in the studio!

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