Pie Molds & Handmade Brushes with Adam Chau

Adam Chau spent a lot of time in his parents' bakery growing up, and learned techniques for making efficient multiples. With the similarities between baking and handbuilding, it is no surprise that ... (Scroll down for more!)


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… Adam utilizes some of these techniques in the clay studio. In this video, Adam shares his pie molding technique, as well as how he creates inexpensive brushes to make his own unique marks on his pieces.

Combining the Industrial with the Handmade

With a bachelor’s degree in ceramics and a master’s degree in industrial design, Adam has always been interested in merging technology with studio craft. Adam shows how you can use an industrial process to make plates but decorate them with handmade brushes to contrast the machine made look with the mark of the hand.

You’ll learn how to:

  • use an adjustable rolling pin for consistent slabs
  • create and use pie molds to efficiently create multiples
  • make inexpensive handmade brushes to create your own unique mark
  • add a built-in hanging system for your plates
  • and more!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to make multiples, but also want to embrace the handmade, this video is for you!

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