Pencil & Process in Motion with Jared Zehmer

In this video companion to the book Pencil & Process: From Sketch to Finished Form, Jared Zehmer demonstrates how to make a variety of traditional pottery forms originating from a simple sketch. (Scroll down for more!)

$27.97 — $32.97

Runtime: 1 hour, 50 minutes

Sneak a peek!

Purchased downloads are available to download for three days. Video files are compatible with Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, and most other current video players. They are delivered as zip files containing the video files, and they require a broadband Internet connection to download (at 4 Mbps, this file can take 30–45 minutes to download.). Do not attempt with a dial-up connection.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • Jars and Lids: Learn how to make several different jars, lids, and lid seats so you can find the right one for whatever project you decide to make.
  • Pitchers and Spouts: Pick up three different techniques for throwing pitchers and making pitcher spouts. Plus, learn to throw a teapot spout!
  • Handles and Knobs! Discover the varied ways handles and knobs can be made for a variety of forms, from pulling handles off the pot to throwing hollow knobs.

Mastering a variety of techniques through repetition and practice is the best way to develop your voice as an artist. This video provides the exercises you need to sharpen your skills and then move on to put your personal touch into your work!

Pencil & Process on paper!

It can be challenging for budding potters to create a 3-dimensional version of a 2-dimensional drawing or image. In the Pencil & Process book, Jared Zehmer presents ways to help potters go from a sketch to a finished form with 26 detailed, step-by-step projects. In each chapter, Jared begins with a drawing (by illustrator Robin Ouellette) and covers every step needed to create the 3-dimensional form. Covering a variety of bowls, feet, handles, mugs, lids, knobs, and more, this book is perfect for the potter who is ready to expand their skill set beyond basic beginner forms.

Buy the video with its companion book and get $10 off! Learn more here!

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