Pencil & Process: From Sketch to Finished Form

It can be challenging for budding potters to create a 3-dimensional version of a 2-dimensional drawing or image. In Pencil & Process, Jared Zehmer presents ways to help potters go from a sketch to a finished form with 26 detailed, step-by-step projects. In each chapter, Jared begins with a drawing (by illustrator Robin Ouellette) and covers ... (Scroll down for more!)

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Softcover, Spiral Bound | 144 Pages
Order code B176 | ISBN 978-1-57498-393-7

… every step needed to create the 3-dimensional form. Covering a variety of bowls, feet, handles, mugs, lids, knobs, and more, this book is perfect for the potter who is ready to expand their skill set beyond basic beginner forms.

Pottery illustrated

On the back page of every issue of Pottery Making Illustrated since 2010, Robin Ouellette has been illustrating different approaches artists can take to the various pieces and parts of pottery forms. And over the years, we have received numerous requests for step-by-step demonstrations of how to turn these two-dimensional sketches into three dimensions. We turned to journeyman potter Jared Zehmer to make that happen.

Packed with pictures!

This book has nearly 500 images detailing a variety of processes to help you refine and expand upon your throwing skills. Since mastering a variety of techniques through repetition and practice is the best way to develop your voice as an artist, it is perfect for intermediate potters looking to find their creative voice. Likewise, beginners will find the thorough instructions and photos perfect for learning to master the basics and tackle more complex forms!

What else is inside?

  • Topics covered include: teabowls, trimmed feet, cups and handles, spouts, lids, knobs and lugs, as well as a variety of completed pots
  • 13 reference sheets featuring 148 illustrations by Robin Ouellette to inspire you, as well as teach you helpful information like weights and measures for various ceramic objects, spout placement and ergonomics, and much more
  • Tips and tricks to make your handles (or knobs and lugs) stand out from the crowd
  • Stuck in a rut? Don’t know how to move beyond a basic cylinder? Experiment with basic and advanced techniques to put your own spin on cups, bowls, jars, pouring vessels, and more
  • Jared pays attention to the little things that can make a pot unique and dives in to how you can make these tiny adjustments to your forms to take them to the next level

Pencil & Process offers a wealth of valuable throwing instruction for artists wanting to develop their skills. Once the techniques are mastered, artists can continue experimenting to put their own spin on the forms covered. So peruse these pages, practice the techniques provided, get some ideas from each individual process, then sketch out ideas of your own forms and see where it leads you. We hope that it helps you discover your own voice in clay.

See these ideas in motion!

We decided to put these ideas in motion in a video companion to this book. In Pencil & Process In Motion, Jared presents video demonstrations of a selection of forms covered in the book. It is the perfect supplement to the workbook. Buy both and save $10 off list price! Learn more here!

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