Part Sculpture - Part Function with Jerilyn Virden

Want to make beautiful functional pots that could also be described as sculpture for the tabletop? In Part Sculpture–Part Function: Handbuilding Graceful Minimalist Forms, Jerilyn Virden shares...(Scroll down for more.)

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Runtime: 2 hours 15 minutes  

Sneak a peek!

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…her techniques for creating functional pots with a sculptural bent. If you’ve been wanting to explore a more sculptural approach to functional pottery, Jerilyn is the perfect teacher!

The best nest!

img_3664Nesting bowls can be a challenge whether they are handbuilt or wheel thrown. Getting the fit just right takes some trial and error. Jerilyn has figured out how to streamline this process using templates and bisque cradles. She details how she makes her prototypes, her cradles, and a full set of nesting bowls to help save you time in your studio!

Rock the cradle!

img_3618Once you have spent the time developing a prototype you are happy with, you’ll want to be able to make it again and again. Making a bisque cradle mold will help you do just that. As an added bonus, these molds can be the building blocks of other forms beside the one you had initially intended. The versatility is endless!

Double the walls, double the size, double the fun

img_3643Making large voluminous forms can be difficult, especially if you’d like them to be functional. They can get real heavy real fast. But double-walled construction can help keep the weight off and can make just about any shape you can dream up within reach. Jerilyn shares her tips from from her years of making double-walled vessels and sculpture, so you can feel confident to try your hand at this technique.

Clean lines, graceful curves

img_3614The minimalist look in housewares is in high demand these days, but clean lines and gentle curves can be difficult to pull off when handbuilding. However, if you know the right techniques, you’ll be ready to face those difficulties. Jerilyn draws on her years of experience to explain the best ways to approach various challenges with working minimalist.

Choose your own adventure!

img_3627This clear, detailed, easy-to-follow, and thoughtful presentation is really both a pottery video and an introduction to ceramic sculpture techniques. It’s up to you to decide which way you’d like to go with it! Bonus features include glaze recipes and a video detailing how to make your own pounding stone for handbuilding.


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