Matt Long: Vessels for Victory


This instructional video not only provides insight into the techniques and processes behind Matt Long’s signature drinking vessels, but also reveals the passion and philosophy behind the work. While sharing his reasons for...(Scroll for more.)

Rudy Autio


This biography is a history and celebration of Rudy Autio’s life, work, career, and techniques. Rudy Autio is considered one of the most important and influential ceramic artists that worked in the United States during the last fifty years. With works in the permanent collections of museums around the world...(Scroll for more.)

Pottery Techniques: Getting Started and Making Handles


If you thought learning pottery techniques was difficult, think again. Bill van Gilder’s new DVD series shows you how even the most difficult of techniques can be mastered once you know how they’re done. And Bill...(Scroll for more.)

Pottery Techniques: Making Lidded Forms and Trimming


Every potter needs to learn many techniques to be successful. While a general throwing DVD can cover the entire making process from wedging and centering to glazing and firing, you’ll miss scores of tips and techniques covering the nuances of clay. In this DVD Bill van Gilder covers...(Scroll for more.)

Scott Semple Throwing Large Pots


Scott Semple discovered early in his pottery career that making plates and teapots wouldn’t cut it for him. Instead, he discovered that making large pots...(Scroll for more.)

The Surface Techniques of Steven Hill


Have you ever walked through the woods and noticed the textures on the trees or on the ground? That interplay between moss, bark, lichens, ferns and leaves draws you in with its complex patterns... (Scroll for more.)

The Potter’s Professional Handbook


Save 33%

The perfect resource for individuals wishing to take the next step in their involvement with clay. Written by Steven Branfman, The Potter’s Professional Handbook covers topics ranging from determining what a professional is to equipment selection, setting up shop, marketing your work, and much more...(Scroll for more.)

Pottery: A Life, a Lifetime


Save 33%

This is a book about the experiences of Mel Jacobson as a potter during the past four decades—as a student, an apprentice, a teacher, and an avid participant in all things ceramic. Each chapter of this...(Scroll for more.)

Collaboration: The Ceramic Art of Tom Coleman and Frank Boyden


Collaboration in art is an extremely difficult proposition. First of all, there’s the obvious hurdle of personalities that have to mesh before the first work can be done, and then there’s the ongoing collaboration that can possibly...(Scroll for more.)

Ceramics I


The Ceramics I DVD course is a full 4 hours of quality instruction by Dorian Beaulieu. This course is simple and easy to follow while providing a detailed...(Scroll or more.)


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