Hand Thrown with Joyce Michaud


If you’re looking for a way to build exceptionally strong coil pots that do not crack, the East Asian wedged coil technique is the answer. Joyce Michaud came across this centuries-old technique in Asia where she found many variations from country to country but the basics were all pretty much the same — you can build an exceptionally strong pot when you wedge coils together as you build. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Joyce Michaud’s thorough measured approach to this time-honored coiling method is sure to open new avenues of expression. It’s a technique that produces compressed, aligned and strong structures that resist cracking or slumping.

Get a Handle On It with Tony Clennell


We spend a lot of time learning how to throw and handbuild forms — cups, mugs, vases, even casseroles. But if it needs a handle, we can turn a decent form into a disaster! Well-designed and executed handles make ordinary pots look great, and they’re not that difficult—it just takes a some practice. Expert potter Tony Clennell tackles the many aspects of creating handles in this DVD. With his easy-to-follow demonstrations and helpful pointers, you’ll be on your way to stellar handles in no time.

Form and Function with Robin Hopper


This five program 2-disc DVD set shows you how to make a wide range of pots that work well in the home. Each program is full of detailed demonstrations and close-ups of a master...(Scroll for more.)

Handbuilding with Mitch Lyons


If you’re looking for a few great, creative techniques offering loads of potential, look no further. Mitch Lyons, a skilled potter for more than 40 years, presents an expertly produced two-part program where he shares some of his unique handbuilding and decorating techniques using a stick and colored clays.

Making Marks

from $39.97

Making Marks is about enriching the ceramic surface, the processes for doing it, and the concepts, idea development and personal research behind it. And while “making marks” is a generalized term used...(Scroll for more.)

Robin Hopper: Functional Collection


Functional Pottery has been used by potters around the world and in a great many colleges as required reading. It’s a book of personal development in the design, making, and aesthetics of ceramic objects for use, based on more than 40 years of practical experience. Not only is this book the most informative written on the subject of functional pottery and its design and aesthetic, but the illustrations of both historical...(Scroll for more.)

The Paul Lewing China Painting Collection


Get a book and a DVD! Invented in 9th century China, coveted in 17th century Europe, treasured in 19th century America, and neglected by art schools for more than 100 years, china painting is poised for a revival as new materials, new forms and new imagery appear. China paint—fired at the lowest end of the ceramic range—offers consistent, durable, predictable color, from the brightest hues to the subtlest gradations. Any effect that paint or ink can achieve, china paint can duplicate.

Functional Pottery

from $39.97

Functional Pottery has been used by potters around the world and in a great many colleges and universities as required reading. It’s a book of personal development in the design, making, and aesthetics of ceramics objects for use, based on more than 40 years of practical experience. This book includes images of work by potters from...(Scroll for more.)

The Ceramic Spectrum

from $39.97

The accepted standard for understanding glazes, underglazes, colored clays, and engobes, this book explores glaze and color making in a hands-on way that follows the empirical understanding used for...(Scroll for more.)

Matt Long: Vessels for Victory


This instructional video not only provides insight into the techniques and processes behind Matt Long’s signature drinking vessels, but also reveals the passion and philosophy behind the work. While sharing his reasons for making functional pottery, his influences, as well as his perspectives on life, family and friendship, Long demonstrates techniques used for making his cups, whiskey jugs, hip flasks and bourbon bottles.

Rudy Autio


This biography is a history and celebration of Rudy Autio’s life, work, career, and techniques. Rudy Autio is considered one of the most important and influential ceramic artists that worked in the United States during the last fifty years. With works in the permanent collections of museums around the world including the American Craft Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Brooklyn Museum, the Carnegie Museum, the Metropolitan Museum, the Portland Art Museum, the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution, the St. Louis Art Museum, the Applied Arts Museum in Helsinki, the National Museum in Stockholm, and the Aichi and Shigaraki ceramic museums in Japan, Rudy Autio has left an indelible mark on the world with his art.

Pottery Techniques: Getting Started and Making Handles


If you thought learning pottery techniques was difficult, think again. Bill van Gilder’s new DVD series shows you how even the most difficult of techniques can be mastered once you know how they’re done. And Bill teaches you the right way. You can learn a new technique from scratch or improve on those you already have with his easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations. Jam-packed with unique tips, tools and techniques, Bill van Gilder shares his 40 years of pottery making and teaching experience to deliver clay techniques you can use immediately.

Pottery Techniques: Making Lidded Forms and Trimming


Every potter needs to learn many techniques to be successful. While a general throwing DVD can cover the entire making process from wedging and centering to glazing and firing, you’ll miss scores of tips and techniques covering the nuances of clay. In this DVD Bill van Gilder covers two important topics that instructors tend to cut short during presentations, or do not even cover at all—making lidded forms and trimming pots. Spend some time with Bill van Gilder and your skills are sure to jump to the next level. Because of Bill’s years of experience teaching and conducting workshops as well as having his own TV show on making pottery, these videos are some of the finest instructional DVDs around—thorough, easy-to-follow, professional instruction at its best!

Scott Semple Throwing Large Pots


Scott Semple discovered early in his pottery career that making plates and teapots wouldn’t cut it for him. Instead, he discovered that making large pots was more his style and a way to find his path in clay. So, encouraged by instructors, he set off on a quest to figure out how to make large pots — really large pots.

The Surface Techniques of Steven Hill


Have you ever walked through the woods and noticed the textures on the trees or on the ground? That interplay between moss, bark, lichens, ferns and leaves draws you in with its complex patterns and subtle colors. Nature is where Steven Hill has always looked for inspiration and he’s spent more than 40 years seeking out ways to capture a natural look in his glazed pieces. (Only available as a download.)

Pottery: A Life, a Lifetime


This is a book about the experiences of Mel Jacobson as a potter during the past four decades—as a student, an apprentice, a teacher, and an avid participant in all things ceramic. Each chapter of this autobiographical account relates to a different facet or technique of pottery making, with instructive text and illustrations as well as entertaining stories from his time in Japan and candid opinions from the Clayart archives.

Collaboration: The Ceramic Art of Tom Coleman and Frank Boyden


Collaboration in art is an extremely difficult proposition. First of all, there’s the obvious hurdle of personalities that have to mesh before the first work can be done, and then there’s the ongoing collaboration that can possibly grow over the years. While collaboration is not for everyone, finding someone where the chemistry works holds the potential for creating work unlike either individual is capable of. It may be another source filled with rich potential. In this DVD, two acclaimed artists collaborate and set a standard while doing so. Presented by AMOCA, American Museum of Ceramic Art

Ceramics I


The Ceramics I DVD course is a full 4 hours of quality instruction by Dorian Beaulieu. This course is simple and easy to follow while providing a detailed level of instruction. You get to see how every step is done as Dorian guides you through each process beginning with how to wedge the clay to glazing a dozen unique ceramic pieces.


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