Pouring Vessels with Suze Lindsay

from $39.97

Are your pots looking tired and bored? If you’re looking for a way to bring life and energy to your work, Suze Lindsay can show you how. In this edition of Ceramic Arts Daily Presents, Suze demonstrates the art of creating pouring vessels that seem to come alive right before your eyes. As you watch her throw, alter, assemble...(Scroll for more.)

Precise Imprecision with Mike Jabbur

from $39.97

Mike Jabbur shares his process for stretching the limits of porcelain to create beautiful undulating pots in his full-length video. Discover the details...(Scroll for more.)

Screen Printing on Clay with Paul Andrew Wandless

from $19.97

There’s nothing more inviting than a blank ceramic surface, and what better place to explore decorating opportunities? Paul Andrew Wandless is a printmaker and a ceramic artist who has explored the potential of combining these...(Scroll for more.)

Slabs, Templates, Texture, & Terra Sigillata with Jeremy Randall

from $39.97

Jeremy Randall presents the handbuilding and decorating processes he uses to create his vibrant architecturally-inspired vessels. Jeremy uses textures and asymmetry to reference aging industrial and agricultural structures. He explains his tar paper template...(Scroll for more.)

Studio-Scale Architectural Ceramics with Stephani Stephenson

from $19.97

If you’ve ever considered making architectural ceramics but weren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck. Noted tile artist Stephani Stephenson presents all the information you need to get started with architectural ceramics in this technique-packed DVD. Whether you want to...(Scroll for more.)

Surface: A Compilation of Techniques

from $19.97

Save 25% — 33%

When it comes to learning new surface decorating techniques, the next best thing to being at a workshop is watching a video – especially when the video features four great artists. In this compilation from Ceramic Arts Daily Presents, join Sarah Jaeger, Linda Arbuckle, Amy Sanders...(Scroll for more.)

Throwing, Altering & Glazing with Sarah Jaeger

from $39.97

In this latest installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Sarah Jaeger presents her techniques for making beautiful porcelain pots with a strong emphasis on function. With a goal of making pots that will be incorporated into the daily lives of those who own them, Sarah explains how she considers every detail in the design of her forms, from the size of a knob to...(Scroll for more.)

Understanding Glazes with John Britt

from $39.97

In this Ceramic Arts Daily Presents two-disc DVD, John Britt lets you tap into his encyclopedic knowledge of ceramic glazes to build your own understanding of this complex topic. Starting with glaze testing—because testing is key to understanding raw materials and ceramic processes—John explains various testing methods that will help you get great...(Scroll for more.)

Volumetric Image Transfer on Pottery with Forrest Lesch-Middelton

from $39.97

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, Forrest Lesch-Middelton demonstrates the techniques he developed for transferring pattern and imagery onto the exteriors and interiors of volumetric wheel-thrown pottery. Forrest works from the ground up, first giving a thorough overview ...(Scroll for more.)

What If? with Sandi Pierantozzi

from $39.97

In this best-selling Ceramic Arts Daily DVD, Sandi Pierantozzi skillfully demonstrates her soft slab handbuilding techniques, which she has perfected over the past 25 years. Sandi guides you through a variety of her signature processes and demonstrates how a wide variety of forms can be created from the same beginning. By showing...(Scroll for more.)

Wheel Throwing with Nan Rothwell

from $39.97

Watching a great potter is one of the best ways to improve your throwing. With Nan Rothwell, you get the consummate teacher—knowledgeable, talented, and...(Scroll for more.)



Throwing is an important skill for any potter to master, using only a few tools, the guidance of the hands, and the momentum of a wheel. Richard Phethean describes essential techniques for working on the wheel with an eye to the practical. He covers a range of forms, from simple domestic pots to more complex...(Scroll for more.)

Pit Firing and Burnishing

from $29.97

Pit firing is an exciting firing process with roots in the earliest forms of pottery making. Burnishing is the technique of polishing clay without the use of glaze. Ancient potters used these techniques to produce their wares before glazes and kilns were developed; modern potters use pit firing and burnishing to create works of great beauty...(Scroll for more.)

Tom Turner: Understanding Porcelain 1

from $39.97

Of all clay, porcelain is undoubtedly the most difficult to work with. Because of its fine grain size, special care must be taken when working with it from the time you take it out of storage until you remove it from the final firing. In this DVD, master potter and porcelain expert Tom Turner...(Scroll for more.)

Tom Turner: Understanding Porcelain 2

from $39.97

Tom Turner has spent a lifetime pursuing perfection in clay. From his earliest attempts in high school back in the sixties to his latest trial-and-error experiments 50 years later, Tom has never lost his zeal for discovery. In this second installment of his two-part series, Understanding Porcelain...(Scroll for more.)

Sumi von Dassow Collection


Sticks and Stones . . . are just about the only things it takes to enjoy pit firing and burnishing. These extremely low-tech techniques require the very basics — some sticks for a fire, rocks or bricks for a pit, and a stone to smooth the clay surface.

The Kiln Book


Fred Olsen is one of the leading pioneers in explaining everything about kilns to the studio potter and his book is one of the best selling references on the topic. This book covers it all from refractory materials and applications to design principles and construction techniques...(Scroll for more.)

Ceramic Jewelry


Body adornment is one of the oldest art forms and throughout history, people all over the world have decorated their bodies in one way or another. In its earliest and most primitive forms, clay and earth pigments were smeared or painted on the body to adorn it and to create mystery or theatre during rituals. Beads made from a variety of materials were one of the simplest forms of jewelry, and were also used as currency, to confer status and to ward off bad spirits...(Scroll for more.)

Large Scale Ceramics


Large scale ceramics demand a number of considerations that do not concern most ceramists: kiln size, assembling, weatherproofing and installation are some of the things that must be taken into account. Large-scale Ceramics discusses these issues as well as giving advice on obtaining and handling commissions.

Low-firing and Burnishing


Because low-firing is the most basic of all ceramic techniques, it treats all your senses. Using just about the lowest possible technical setting, you submit your work to flames and smoke giving you a sense of what the ancients felt when they used fire to create their primitive works. Both ancient cultures and contemporary potters have used low-firing to great effect, adding slips and burnishing pieces to create finishes not possible with any other firing method...(Scroll for more.)



Raku has been a popular technique among potters for a long time—the roar of the fire, the glowing work, the dramatic results—are all part of the allure. But raku is more than just a technique, it’s a way of thinking with an attitude of openness to the unexpected and willingness...(Scroll for more.)

Throwing Large


Throwing large work is definitely challenging and takes a different approach than throwing normal-sized pots. Nic Collins looks at throwing purely from the perspective of making very large work. He assumes you can already throw, but different techniques are needed when making large work because of all the added problems—buckling, collapsing, warping...(Scroll for more.)

Wall Pieces


Using clay as an artistic treatment for wall space is an increasingly fashionable and innovative solution for decorators, architects and makers. Wall pieces are the perfect solution for those who enjoy sculpture but have no space; they fulfill the same function as a picture while being much more dynamic and three-dimensional...(Scroll for more.)

Ceramic Art: Innovative Techniques


When it comes to innovation, ceramic artists rank at the top. What is it about clay that brings out the creative spirit in us? Unlike a canvas to be painted or a stone to be carved, clay presents unlimited possibilities. You can shape it, throw it, pour it, carve it, stamp it, paint it—anything. It’s the most versatile of mediums...(Scroll for more.)


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