Paddled, Stamped, & Glazed with Paul Linhares

In this video, Paul Linhares shares his techniques for creating his signature wheel thrown and altered bottle forms, as well as stamping and glazing techniques that make his surfaces come to life. An exemplary teacher, Paul leaves no details out as he takes you through these exciting processes. (Scroll for more!)

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Runtime: 1 hour, 15 minutes

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Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • Thrown and Paddled: You’ll learn how to make oblong, thrown, and paddled bottle forms inspired by the pilgrim bottles used on the Silk Road.
  • Making your Mark: Learn Paul’s straightforward technique for making stamps using clay that has stiffened too much to be used for anything else (and we all have bags like that lying around!).
  • Drawing with Stamps: Discover how to effectively use your homemade stamps and a homemade roller line tool to “draw” on your pieces.
  • Brushable Color: Find out Paul’s unique approach to using “brushable colors” to create movement and depth on the glaze surface. These techniques could be experimented with at any temperature range.

A Good Whack

Paul’s bottle forms were inspired by “pilgrim bottles,” which were used by traders and travelers on the Silk Road. The traditional forms were oval instead of round, and Paul uses a paddling technique to create his interpretations of these forms. He discovered that whacking the wheel thrown forms actually created a beautiful curve. Paul shares great tips on altering pots in this way, such as how to collar clay into a skinny neck, how to avoid wrinkles when paddling, how to improve the strength and structure of the thrown form by throwing a bottom, and much more.

Drawing with Stamps

There are a ton of commercial stamps on the market, but your work becomes more personal if you make your own. Making your own stamps can be a little frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Paul explains his straightforward process of stamp making, starting with that old bag of clay that got a little too hard (we all have that bag of clay laying around)! He explains how he prints images from the web and traces the elements he finds interesting to transfer onto the stamp. After the stamps are made Paul demonstrates how he “draws” his interesting compositions with the stamps.

Pulling it All Together

When firing in an electric kiln, it helps to have little tricks that can add depth to your surfaces. Paul calls his technique for creating movement and color in his glaze surfaces “brushable color.” He found that overlapping various coloring oxides mixed with his clear glaze gave him the action he was looking for. He shares exactly how to achieve his crushable color effects, and the good news is, you can play with it at any temperature range. With these tricks up your sleeve, glazing becomes a breeze!

This presentation packs a lot of ideas, insights, and techniques into a compact package. After watching, you’ll be itching to get to the studio to try them out!

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