New Directions in China Painting with Paul Lewing

China paint — fired at the lowest end of the ceramic firing range — offers potters the chance to get consistent, durable and predictable color in their decoration. Any effect you can get from paint or ink, you can achieve...(Scroll for more.)

$27.97 — $32.97

Runtime:1 hour 35 minutes

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..with china paint. It is the one place where the world of paint interacts with the world of fired clay. Paul Lewing, trained as both a studio potter and a painter, brings more than 40 years of expertise to this inspiring and informative DVD. You’ll learn the basics of the technique and move through various exercises to develop skills and confidence. Original List Price: $49.97

What’s in store?

If you’ve ever done any painting, china painting will be a natural for you. Unlike regular ceramic glazes, with china paint what you see is what you get. The colors are consistent and durable and readily available. And Paul says you don’t need to think about making your own glazes, because the quantities you need are small and most colors are inexpensive. One thing you’ll enjoy about china painting is that once you get to a certain point, you just fire it then continue adding more color and imagery and firing until you’re satisfied.

Workshop instructions

After a brief introduction, Paul covers color groups, surfaces to paint on, tools, mediums, resists and more. As he describes different types of brushes, he demonstrates the type of effect you’ll get with each one, and he doesn’t end there. Beyond brushes you’ll need rub-out tools and various sponges and he demonstrates each of these as well. The DVD follows his workshop format with a lecture followed by brief demonstrations of tools and techniques.)

Step-by-step demonstrations

Once you’ve covered all the tools and a few basic techniques, you can watch Paul as he pulls everything together demonstrating a few projects. In one demonstration of painting a scenery, you’ll learn about how to work through the background and foreground and from light to dark. You’ll discover how easy china painting is but also how successful results can only be achieved by following a certain sequence.

Where two worlds meet

If you’re a painter or just frustrated with glazes because all the colors change in the firing — there’s hope. China painting combines the best of two worlds — the same full color palette available to anyone who paints with oils, acrylics or pastels, and the durability and permanence of fired ceramic. Yes . . . you can have it all.

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