Molds & Mishima: Handbuilding & Decorating with Julie Wiggins

In this video, Julie Wiggins shares techniques for making platters using homemade and appropriated molds, as well as her Mishima surface techniques and glazing process. In this detailed step-by-step video, you’ll learn easy ways to ...(Scroll for more!)

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… make personalized forms and enhance them with Mishima and thoughtful glazing.

“Wonderful video! Definitely picked up some amazing tips. Thank you so much!”
—Britt G., a happy customer!

The Wheel as a Tool

The wheel is not just for making finished pots! Julie thinks of the wheel as just another tool in her toolbox, and shows you how to use it to make custom ring slump molds. Later, she demonstrates how to use the bisque fired ring mold to create a lovely platter with a coil foot. Julie’s techniques for adding interest to the foot ring are not only beautiful, but they contribute to the functionality of the piece as well!

Store-bought Molds Made Personal!

There are a wide variety of commercial molds on the market. The challenge for potters is to figure out how to make them their own. Julie shows you how she adapted a store-bought mold to make it work better for her work. She then demonstrates using the mold to make a platter from start to finish. Along the way, Julie adds unique embellishments, including a puffy handbuilt handle and a “string of pearls!”

Master Mishima!

Julie shares all her tips for using Mishima to create beautiful, crisp illustrations on your work. She doesn’t miss a detail as she walks through her approach to this traditional pottery technique. From using a worn-out, dull X-acto knife for lines of the perfect width, to wiping excess colorant off in a consistent direction, to twisting the carving tool (not the hand) to get perfect curved lines, Julie has figured out what gives her the best results, and shares all of her tips with you!

Glazing to Perfection!

Get pro glazing pointers to help you achieve perfect results all the time! Julie takes an organized and methodical approach to glazing and it shows in the results she gets. If you struggle with glazing, Julie’s approach is sure to help you. She shares helpful tips like adding alumina to the wax resist she uses on the bottom of her pieces to prevent her high-fire porcelain from sticking to the shelves and using a hydrometer every time she glazes to get consistent results.

These are just a few of the many interesting and inspiring techniques covered in this presentation. If you like to make unique forms and cover them with beautiful fine-lined decoration, this video will provide you a wealth of ideas!

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