Modular Mugs with A. Blair Clemo

In this video, A. Blair Clemo demonstrates his unorthodox approach to making a mug using slip-cast decoration and a multi part press mold. (Scroll down for more!)


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Runtime: Approximately 53 minutes

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Creating Surface Decoration Before Building the Pot

Blair’s process is so interesting because it addresses the surface of the pot before any building is done. Blair starts out showing how he creates surface pattern using a slip trailer and a plaster slab. It is almost like creating clay stickers to adorn the pots.

Versatility in Press Molding

After his stickers set up to a soft leather hard, Blair begins the building process using a three part interchangeable mold system. Each panel of the mold system features a different relief design, which Blair originally cast from a clay prototype. With 9 different patterns, Blair can mix and match the patterns to create up to 84 unique configurations! You’ll be so inspired by the potential of this system!

Building the Mugs

When it comes time to build the mugs, Blair explains how to thoroughly adhere the “stickers” to slabs of clay to build the mugs and ensure there is no delamination. He also shows how you can cut up the stickers and configure them in different ways, adding to the variation possible with this technique!

If you like to think outside the box and use creative forming techniques, this video will be a big inspiration!

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