Mix & Match: Surface Techniques with Brenda Quinn

In this follow up to Mix & Match: Forming Techniques, Brenda Quinn demonstrates how she creates her beautifully patterned surfaces. The key to a great surface is ...(Scroll down for more.)

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Runtime: 1 hour 27 minutes

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…knowing how to combine various techniques using the right materials in the right order. In this informative presentation, Brenda shares how she does this step by step, and layer by layer.

From the ground up

Creating the detailed patterns that adorn Brenda’s work requires layering of various techniques and it can be difficult to figure out what marks go down first and second and so on. If you have struggled with trying to create layers and depth in your surfaces, following Brenda’s lead will help you on your way to surfaces to swoon over.

You’ll learn how to:

  • create your own custom glaze stamps with upholstery foam
  • make dynamic surfaces by brushing underglazes in opposing directions
  • vary the thickness of layered underglazes to create subtle background layers
  • use contact paper to create stencils that will stick to bisqueware
  • add linear detail using glaze inlay with wax
  • create contrast in texture by using both shiny and matte glazes on one surface

and much more!

Wax and wow

Wax resist can be the potter’s best friend. But you have to know how to use it because if you get it in the wrong place, you’re in trouble. Wax is key in creating surfaces with visual weight and movement in the bisque state. Brenda skillfully applies underglazes and glazes using varying techniques, and she clearly explains how to use wax to make it all possible.

If you find your surfaces are looking a bit flat, this clear, informative step-by-step presentation will help you turn them from blah to breathtaking!

Bonus features include Brenda’s glaze recipes!

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