Mix & Match: Forming Techniques with Brenda Quinn

In this video presentation, Brenda Quinn shares her versatile and accessible approach to form. You’ll discover how she mixes and matches techniques to come up with...(Scroll down for more.)

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…unique pottery that is both decorative and functional. If you’ve grown tired of making the same ol’ same ol’, Brenda’s approach will be a refreshing jump start to your creativity!

Business on the bottom; Party on the top!

Brenda starts out the video with a fun mug project that combines the refined look of throwing with the fresh texture only pinching can create! Enamored with the dimpled mark of the hand left by pinching, but wanting to have a more polished footring, Brenda begins by throwing a short cylinder. Then she continues to build up the wall with coils and pinching. After finishing up the design with carving, Brenda shows how you can start with the same exact form, add a flange and a lid, and end up with a cool jar!

Many paths out of a slump!

If you are feeling like you are in a creative slump, Brenda’s easy and accessible techniques for creating custom slump molds is just the ticket out! Using readily available materials such as cardboard and foam core, Brenda can quickly test out new form ideas with card board and come up with great shapes. When she finds a shape she likes, she makes it in more durable foam core. In addition, Brenda demonstrates how two foam core molds can be combined to create more complex molds and forms!

Oh, the possibilities!

Brenda rounds out the video showing how she deconstructs and reconstructs slump molded parts and combines them with other techniques such as coiling and pinching to create unique and striking new forms. When you start thinking about molds as building blocks rather than whole forms, you’ll find the possibilities are endless. Brenda demonstrates how to make a unique geometric vase reminiscent of a flower brick by cutting an oval dish in half and reassembling it into a different shape using coils and pinching.

Brenda’s unique mixing and matching of techniques is excellent fodder for ideas in the studio. Watch this video and prepare to get your creative gears turning!

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