Marty Fielding – Altered Pitcher

Marty loves throwing but enjoys handbuilding even more. To satisfy both loves, his thrown forms are just the starting point as he demonstrates his step-by-step process for creating a thrown and altered ...(Scroll for more.)



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Runtime: 44 minutes

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…pitcher. If you’re interested in finding out how to create a pitcher that works as both a functional piece and a work of art, this video provides you with everything you need from beginning to end. Marty’s careful attention to detail and form as well as his success in creating thrown and altered pieces combine to provide a truly instructive video that guarantees your own success.

Skills you’ll pick up from watching Marty’s Altered Pitcher video:

  • How to throw a bottomless cylinder
  • How to square a cylinder
  • How to cut darts and alter a form
  • How to add a slab bottom with coil reinforcements
  • How to create and add a 2-part covered slab spout
  • How to make an elegant handle from a coil
  • Plus, explanations of every technique along with many tips
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