Making & Decorating a Wren Pitcher with Charlie Tefft

In this video Charlie Tefft demonstrates his process for wheel throwing, altering, and decorating one of his signature Carolina Wren Pitchers. (Scroll down for more!)


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Inspiration from Nature

The inspiration for Charlie’s wren pitchers came from sharing his old studio with some Carolina Wrens who decided to nest there. Rather than evict these feathered friends, Charlie was happy to cohabitate with them and began observing their habits and behaviors. He translated his observations into the pitchers that so perfectly capture the exuberance and spirit of the small birds.

Throwing Large Bulbous Forms

Charlie begins on the wheel demonstrating how he throws a large, voluminous pitcher with a narrow foot that doesn’t need trimming. Charlie provides an excellent explanation with loads of tips on how to master this challenging form. Plus, you’ll learn how to pull a well-functioning spout!

Altering for Personality

To capture the gesture of a wren perched on a branch, Charlie alters his thrown form by darting. You’ll learn the secrets to preventing cracking on these seams as well as how to paddle to get the perfect amount of lift in the form. Next, Charlie pulls and attaches a large handle that mimics the wren’s tail feathers and shares a great tip for preventing the handle from popping off in the kiln.

Painting Wildlife

Painting detailed imagery on clay can be a challenging endeavor, but if you know the right brushes and materials to use, beautiful things can happen. Charlie takes us through his painting process, from initial sketches in pencil to detailing with oxides and stains.

If you are looking for creative ways to incorporate nature into your forms, or just want to sharpen up your throwing, altering, and decorating skills, this video is a must!

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