Making and Using Molds & Templates

In Making and Using Molds & Templates, you’ll find 23 step-by-step projects that demonstrate a variety of traditional and non-traditional techniques for building and using molds and templates in the ceramics studio. You’ll learn how to cast traditional plaster molds, build custom wood and foam molds, learn how to design... (Scroll for more.)


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Softcover | 92 Pages
Order code B175 | ISBN 978-1-57498-391-3

…craft foam and tar-paper templates, and much more! Each project offers inspiration and invaluable tips from clay artists who’ve employed the use of molds and templates in their own studios for years.

Highlights of the skills you’ll learn:

  • Making traditional plaster molds for slip casting, slump and hump molds, and press molds.
  • Using latex molds for building sprigs
  • Utilizing foam supports while building
  • Creating custom bisque molds for foot-rings, trays, and more!
  • Planning out complex forms using paper patterns

Creativity AND productivity

Using molds and templates in ceramics has become an increasingly popular way to create because it offers artists the ability to make unique custom work and improve productivity at the same time. When you make a mold or a template, you are limited only by your own imagination. Best of all, once you’ve made the mold or template you can reproduce pieces very efficiently over and over again.

Endless options

Not only can you make anything your heart desires, but you have so many different options for how to make your mold or template. This book is testament to that variety. If you’re looking for precision in a mold, mix up some plaster. If you like a plaster-free studio, there are lots of other options from plywood drape molds to bisque molds. Templates can be made from anything from craft foam to tar paper, and anything in between!

If you are looking for ways to become more productive in the studio without sacrificing creativity, this is one book you need to explore. With these tips and techniques as a starting point, the sky’s the limit on what you can create with molds and templates!

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