Making and Decorating a Tea Set with Amelia Stamps

Tea sets are a wonderful challenge for the ceramic artist and the best tea sets have complimentary elements that are carried through each piece of the set without looking too “matchy matchy” (that’s a technical term, in case you were wondering). In this video, Amelia Stamps shares her processes...(Scroll down for more.)

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Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

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…for making and decorating an entire tea set, sharing a plethora of great decorative techniques, as well as throwing tips that will help you strengthen your wheel throwing skills.

Six individual forms!

Amelia demonstrates six forms in this video: a cup, saucer, creamer, sugar jar, teapot, and tray. These forms cover the spectrum of important throwing skills a potter needs to develop, from throwing off the hump to pulling handles off the pot. Within each form, there are great ideas for increasing efficiency while throwing, and for creating formal elements that relate from one piece to another.

Some skills you’ll pick up:

  • Throw a lidded form in one piece on the wheel
  • Find out how to ensure a good fit on a cup and saucer
  • Make a thrown and altered tray for the set to sit on
  • Tie a set of pots together with a cohesive decoration scheme

The Teapot

Made up of multiple components, teapots offer all of the challenges that a potter faces when making a set, but in one form. Amelia walks you step by step through each component with helpful tips along the way. You’ll learn how to throw a spout off the hump, how to make a secure, well-fitting flange and lid, and how to angle the spout for a good pour.

Tie it all together!

Amelia demonstrates how to create design cohesion by carrying visual elements through each piece in a set. You’ll learn how to add decorative elements from the throwing stage all the way through the decorating stage. Create curves in freshly thrown forms by stretching clay against a rib and add ruffled details to relate to those curves. Slip trailing creates another layer that brings it all together.

Bonus features

In bonus videos, Amelia shares one of her cool glazing techniques and gives a tour of her studio, a converted two-car garage. She also shares her glaze recipes!

By watching this video, you’ll gain insights into how to make sets that work together aesthetically and functionally.

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