Making an Oval Platter with Paul Linhares

In this video download, Paul Linhares demonstrates how to combine throwing and handbuilding techniques to create a lovely oval plate form with a decorative edge. Paul shares his techniques for making ...(Scroll down for more!)


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Runtime: 35 minutes

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… multiple plates quickly and easily in one session by making bisque molds, as well as how to use slip and stamps to embellish the surfaces.

Make One, Make Many!

Paul begins by introducing his mold system. Beginning with a plywood master, he explains how to create multiple bisque molds so that you can make many platters at once. Don’t have access to a wood shop? No problem. Paul explains all you need to know about making bisque molds from store-bought plates and platters.

The Wheel as a Tool

Paul prefers to throw his slabs for platters on the potter’s wheel, using it as just another tool in his arsenal. This way he is able to make the edges of the slab taper nicely, just like thrown edges do. He also throws a foot ring that he will attach to the platter later. This way the two can dry and be a similar moisture level when they are attached. All along the way, Paul offers helpful tips that will help you achieve success.

Slip and Stamp!

To really bring the platter to life, Paul adds slip and stamped decoration. You’ll learn how to apply a slip and use a cheap hardware store paint brush to create an undulating background. Then he uses his homemade stamps to create a layered texture approach to the surface. You’ll learn helpful tips on how to make the most of the stamped and slipped textures.

If you have been looking for ways to efficiently make gorgeous platters, Paul’s techniques will surely inspire your and help take out all the guesswork!

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