Making a Teapot with Doug Peltzman

In this video, Doug Peltzman demonstrates how he tackles the complexities of making a teapot form. With so many components—spout, lid, handle, knob, body, etc.—teapots are arguably one of the ... (scroll for more!)


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Runtime: approximately 1 hour, 20 minutes

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… most challenging pottery forms. When you break them down into individual components, each part of a teapot is doable. But what makes a really good teapot is how those individual pieces relate to each other and function, both physically and aesthetically. Doug covers all of those details in this through presentation.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Throw a lightweight pitcher body
  • Make a durable and functional flange
  • Trim on a chuck
  • Create a spout that has just the right twist to compensate for unwinding in the firing
  • Make functional and well-proportioned handles
  • Add special details to create interesting knobs
  • and much more!

This download also contains a bonus video on how Doug makes handles for teapots, mugs and pitchers.

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