Making a Slipped & Stamped Teacup with Paul Linhares

In this video, Paul Linhares takes us through his process for making a footed teacup with slipped and stamped decoration. You’ll pick up great tips like how to ... (Scroll down for more!)


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Runtime: 33 minutes

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… neatly apply slip to a freshly thrown cup on the wheel and how to apply stamped decoration in a modular way to create a variety of unique marks. Super inspiring!

Paul starts out with a detailed demonstration on throwing a rounded teacup with a nice tall foot. Paul covers all his tips for making a teacup that is a pleasure to hold and use, including how to use a make-up brush to finish a rim. Although they are fired in an electric kiln, Paul’s pots have great surface depth. To achieve this great depth at lower temperatures, a potter must be intentional at every step of the way. In this video, Paul shares all the details on how he builds up these beautiful layers.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply stamped decoration in a modular way to create a variety of unique marks
  • Use a super cool trick to get slip on a pulled handle
  • Create swirly texture with a beat-up paint brush
  • Tap center and trim on a foam bat
  • And more!

This video has so much inspiring stuff packed into a small package that you’ll want to race to your studio after watching!

PS. To learn how Paul makes his signature pilgrim bottle forms, and learn about his glazing techniques, check out his other video Paddled, Stamped, & Glazed.

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