Lorna Meaden – Watering Can

Lorna Meaden is an expert at creating elegant wheel-thrown forms. In this video she leads you an easy-to-follow step-by-step process for creating her signature watering can, which incorporates several parts that have to go together to create a cohesive functional piece. If you’re interested in making complex composite ...(Scroll for more.)



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Runtime: 46 minutes

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…forms, but don’t know where to start, this video provides a wealth of information concerning design elements and the proper timing for construction. Understanding the nuances of making complicated pieces provides a springboard for you to successfully create your own variations or totally new designs.

Skills you’ll pick up watching Lorna’s Watering Can video:

  • How to throw tall forms
  • How to throw efficiently throw off the hump to maximize efficiency
  • How to use a blow torch to make difficult forms easier
  • How to build successful composite forms in which all parts work together aesthetically and ergonomically
  • How to use plastic to aid in handbuilding with thin slabs
  • How to use paper templates
  • How to make a complicated-looking (but easy-to-make!) handle
  • Tips for proper spout placement on spouted vessels
  • How to incorporate a wire handle
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