Lively Forms and Expressive Surfaces with Mark Peters

Mark  is a potter, but not your ordinary potter. He makes wheel-thrown functional pottery, and a lot of it is altered or assembled off the wheel. Each pot is organic and loose in form, while bold and...(Scroll for more!)

$47.97 — $52.97

$26.49 — $47.97

Runtime: 3 hours

Sneak a peek!

Purchased downloads are available to download for three days. Video files are compatible with Quicktime Player, Windows Media Player, and most other current video players. They are delivered as zip files containing the video files, and they require a broadband Internet connection to download (at 4 Mbps, this file can take 30–45 minutes to download.). Do not attempt with a dial-up connection.

…defined in structure. You’ll find the fresh approach to throwing and decorating demonstrated in this DVD to be absolutely refreshing. Original List Price: $69.97

 “Mark is an outstanding presenter. Very clear in his communications and demonstrations.” – TK, Florida
“Very inspiring. I am using his techniques to try and improve my own. Very glad I bought this DVD and I hope I can meet Mark in person one day.” — Jack, California
“Watching Lively Forms & Expressive Surfaces reminded me to actually create pottery…not be so rigid about the design of a piece…that a pot can be functional, well thought-out and made, and totally interesting too. It has taught me to “lighten up” & “have some fun”.” – K.I.B. WA

Hit the ground running

The goal of this DVD is to take you to a new level in your throwing, and this is done through a series of projects including a lidded jar, pitcher, cream and sugar with tray, oval serving platter, set of three spice jars with tray, rectangular casserole, faceted bowl with thrown and altered foot, and more. Each project introduces new techniques that you can apply to your own work and in your own style.

Projects with flair

Each project Mark demonstrates has a certain twist to it – not your usual textbook fare. For example, with his oval serving platter, he introduces new techniques including making an oval pot in two parts, using a new surface texture and a scalloped rim made from a thrown ring. By the time you get to making the spice jar set, you’ll be using techniques demonstrated earlier into more complex constructions.

Molded lids, square pots, and more

You know when Mark begins with his unusual technique for making lids over a thrown hump mold, that his methods are not textbook. In making a lidded jar, he throws the lid flat on the wheel, cuts it off, places it on a hump mold then drops it. Voila! A formed lid. And when he makes a rectangular casserole, the lid gets turned upside down so gravity can work on it. Each technique in the DVD, is explained in Mark’s signature easy-going manner that keeps you engaged.

About Mark Peters

After graduating from the University of Tennessee with a fine arts degree, Mark moved to the foot of Roan Mountain in Mitchell County, North Carolina, in 1998 where he’s operated Pine Root Pottery ever since. His work has been featured in many books and magazines, as well as displayed in ceramic shows around the country. He’s currently a member of the Toe River Arts Council, a local arts group devoted to promoting the arts of the region. Each spring and fall, Pine Root Pottery participates in the Arts Council’s studio tours, weekend open houses for the public. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Energy Xchange, an innovative business incubator program that uses methane from a landfill to support entrepreneurs in starting, managing and operating new businesses in the crafts of glass blowing and pottery. In addition, he’s a founding member of Potters of the Roan, a Bakersville potter’s guild. The Roan potter’s mission is to better educate and market the ceramic talent in the community.

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