Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces with Colleen Riley

Have you ever opened a bisque kiln and felt completely overwhelmed by the entire load of blank pots? Are you tired of the dip-and-done approach to glazing? Do you wish you could create surfaces with more depth? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then...(Scroll down for more.)

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…Colleen Riley’s video Layering Techniques for Sumptuous Surfaces is just what you need. This video is all about surface! Colleen shares numerous techniques for creating layered imagery from the greenware stage through glazing and firing.

Set Yourself Up for Success!

set-up-for-successColleen likes to avoid opening a bisque kiln of entirely blank pots so she begins her decoration in the greenware stage. By making marks before bisque firing that will guide her later on in the glazing process, she avoids being overwhelmed by blank bisqueware. Colleen starts off the presentation by demonstrating a number of techniques on leatherhard through bone dry work. You’ll learn how to use various resists, engobes, carving techniques and more to begin your decoration before firing.

Great Glazing Tips and Techniques!

great-glazing-tipsFrom using a kitchen ladle to apply her glazes to glazing details with a slip trailer, Colleen has adapted her glazing process to get the results she wants. After the pots are bisqued, she shares how she continues the layering in the glazing stage. You’ll learn how to create more layers with wax resist, how to create an ombre effect using an engobe, a great tone-on-tone effect and more!

Soda Firing Techniques & Tips!

soda-firing-techniquesColleen soda fires her work, but the techniques in this video can be applied to any firing temperature or clay body. And if you are interested in learning more about soda firing, that’s covered too. You’ll find out how Colleen makes her soda mixture and introduces it into the kiln to get great effects. There’s also a bonus video of Colleen discussing her firing schedule and the results of a firing. Plus she shares her engobe and glaze recipes along with a photo spread and explanations of how the effects in each image were achieved!

Set yourself up!

set-yourself-upAfter watching this video, you’ll be filled with ideas for creating fantastic layered effects on your pots, whether you mix your own glazes, use commercial, or use a mixture of the two! Follow Colleen’s process and you’ll be able to set yourself up for some spectacular surfaces.


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