Integrating Form & Surface with Porcelain with Lorna Meaden

Discover the secrets to creating elegant wheel-thrown pottery that’s both utilitarian and decorative. Lorna Meaden demonstrates...(Scroll for more.)

$47.97 — $52.97

Runtime: 2 hours and 45 minutes

Sneak a peek!

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…how to carefully consider every detail of surface and form to successfully create elegant pots that are both beautiful and a delight to use. In her DVD, you’ll discover her techniques for creating a range of forms, tips for working with porcelain, and the details of her signature decorating techniques. Original List Price: $69.97

“Excellent DVD and very timely for me. Lorna Meaden is a very accomplished artist and completely charming.” — Janie, Texas
“Great step-by-step information. Surprisingly, I was able to pull off her techniques the first time. Trust me, that never happens!” — RW

Putting it all together

While many artists demonstrate forming or decorating or glazing, Lorna Meaden brings it all together to show how you all three elements work together in order for the final result to be a success. She maintains that a truly utilitarian object is a communication from maker to the user, and that rich ornamentation should and can be a part of our everyday lives. Only when you’re finished with the entire project can you truly appreciate how all the elements add up to be greater than the whole.

Object lessons

Lorna is the consummate teacher—clear, efficient, concise and knowledgeable. As she leads you through six projects, you’ll be able to absorb the information and put it into practice one project at a time. The projects increase in complexity beginning with tumblers and mugs and progressing through to teapots and coffee pots. In addition to the projects, Lorna demonstrates glazing as well as a wedging technique where she blends clays. As a bonus, Lorna adds an encore to each disc showing how she makes scoops and ladles.

“I really enjoyed the video and how easy she made the processes.” — Lori, Ohio

Attention to detail

As Lorna demonstrates every step of the forming and decorating process, she discusses the importance of each action and the thought behind it. There’s a purpose for the size and shape of forms and handles, and the decoration needs to fit what you’re making. Lorna’s instructions, based on years of teaching at the university level, will help you make the connections you’ve been looking for in your own pots.

A journey worth taking

Once you’ve completed the projects, you’ll have a better command of forming pots, inlaying slip decoration, clay prep, using resists, layering glazes and much more. Each technique will influence how you go about the creative process and who knows where you’ll end up? It’s a journey that’s worth taking.

“Loved it – One of my favorite CDs on complex porcelain thrown pieces. Includes many very helpful suggestions to improve centering, throwing, and trimming techniques.” — Virginia, VA

About Lorna Meaden

Lorna Meaden is a studio potter living in Durango, Colorado, whose work has been widely exhibited around the United States. She received her MFA from Ohio University and her BA from Fort Lewis College. In addition to teaching workshops around the country, Lorna has taught at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, and Fort Lewis College in Durango. Lorna also has been a resident artist at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center and the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts.


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