Handbuilding: Texture + Surface

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video series, we treat you to a compilation of four handbuilding techniques excerpted from four of our most popular videos. Discover the creative ways Sandi Pierantozzi, Amy Sanders, Jeremy Randall and Lisa Naples approach...(Scroll for more!)

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…a slab of clay to create unique forms that incorporate a variety of techniques. Enjoy a workshop experience watching experts demonstrate some of their trademark techniques in the comfort of your own studio.


LISA NAPLES – Slab-built Serving Tray

You’ll love the casual look and feel of Lisa’s simple darted and soft-slab-built serving tray. As you follow her step-by-step process, you’ll learn what it takes to roll out, dart, and form this lovely tray. Lisa approaches surface texture in a less-conventional way using slips at varying viscosities to build up colorful texture. Applying slab-built handles adds just the right touch to finish off your masterpiece.

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SANDI PIERANTOZZI – Rectangular Templates

Sandi specializes in working with soft textured slabs, and where most of us see a rectangle as a rectangle, Sandi sees a fully developed three-dimensional pitcher with a lot of character. She demonstrates the importance of templates and how to use them to create forms with volume along with texturing, forming, altering, darting, and adding a spout to create a lively-looking form of your own.

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Jeremy creates trays that serve both a functional and decorative function. He scours thrift stores and department stores for forms he can fill with plaster and use as hump molds. Texturing and attaching slabs together add a look similar to what a sheet metal worker would recognize, and he adds a rim then finally a foot that serves also as a way to hang the finished piece on the wall.

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AMY SANDERS – Large Dowel Rod Vase

Amy Sanders takes an unusual approach handbuilding by creating seamless forms with a dowel rod. After creating a basic form, Amy demonstrates how to further shape the piece by hand adding curves and giving volume to the form, and even shows you how to scallop the rim, one of her variations. Amy is known for her custom textures and she adds a variety of different types to decorate the surface.

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