Glazing and Decorating Pottery with Nan Rothwell

In this Ceramic Arts Daily Presents video, Nan Rothwell demonstrates the basics of glazing and decorating pots. In step-by-step demonstrations, Nan applies glaze by dipping, pouring, and spraying, and then shows...(Scroll for more.)

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Runtime: 1 hours 30 minutes

Sneak a peek!

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…a series of simple decorative techniques including tape and wax resist, under- and overglaze patterning, and brushwork. She also looks at a range of pots made by others, discussing the visual decisions each potter made and how they affected the form and design of the piece. Original List Price: $69.97

Nan also includes material on mixing glazes and a brief appendix on glaze chemistry. Watching this DVD, you’ll learn multiple specific tips for glazing, plus you will gain a larger vocabulary for the elements of design that come into play every time you sit down to glaze your work.

Carrying on a tradition

Nan has been a production potter for more than forty years and she has developed a glazing regimen that many established studio potters use. In this DVD, you’ll discover the methods necessary to glaze pots on a scale used by production potters and in community art centers or colleges. From preparing bisqueware and planning your glazing sequence to the finishing decorative brush strokes, Nan leads you step-by-step through traditional application techniques.

Decorating with style

Simplicity has always been one of the hallmarks of the Leach-Hamada tradition and Nan’s decorating style embraces this. Through a series of demonstrations, she describes the use of wax resist, tape resist, double dipping, spraying, brushwork, sponge stamps, finger decoration, paper resist, and sgraffito. As she demonstrates each technique, she discusses design issues you need to be aware of so that your glazing and decorating enhance the forms rather than detract from them.

Learn by example

A couple of the features of this DVD are that Nan utilizes a split screen showing a finished pot along with the pot she is working on, and she offers interludes where she discusses the glazing and decorating techniques used on the pots in her extensive personal collection. Through these examples, you’ll see how her instructions are manifested in the final result giving you a better understanding of the techniques.

Something for everyone

Whether you’re looking to take your glazing to the production level or interested in adding some new decorating effects to your skill set, Nan’s instructions and advice can give you a boost. She’s an advocate for planning and recording everything you do so you can repeat your successes and identify your mistakes so you won’t repeat them. And it’s by virtue of her diligence and practice that she’s achieved a level of confidence in her forms and her glazing that she’s able to skillfully pass on her experiences for others.

About Nan Rothwell

Nan Rothwell has been making functional stoneware and salt-glazed pots in Virginia since 1973. Originally trained in England, Nan has melded the British studio pottery tradition with influences of American functional salt ware to create a body of straightforward functional pots. She has taught classes and workshops in a variety of settings for the past several decades, and this DVD set reflects her easygoing teaching style. Visit for a gallery of work, Nan’s teaching schedule, and resource materials about glazing and firing.



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