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If you’re looking for ways to make your pots stand out from the crowd, take a look at what the experts do. In this new compilation video from Ceramic Arts Daily Presents, four talented artists take it up a notch by ...(Scroll for more.)

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…demonstrating how to make signature vessels using advanced spout and handle forming techniques. Recorded in an easy-to-follow step-by-step format, artists Marty Fielding, Suze Lindsay, Mike Jabbur and Lorna Meaden lead you through their techniques for creating four truly unique projects — pitcher, ewer, teapot and watering can.


MARTY FIELDING – Altered Pitcher

Marty loves throwing but enjoys handbuilding even more. To satisfy both loves, his thrown forms are just the starting point as he demonstrates his step-by-step process for creating a thrown and altered pitcher. If you’re interested in finding out how to create a pitcher that works as both a functional piece and a work of art, this video provides you with everything you need from beginning to end. Marty’s careful attention to detail and form as well as his success in creating thrown and altered pieces combine to provide a truly instructive video that guarantees your own success.

Run time: 44 minutes.

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Skills you’ll pick up from Marty’s Altered Pitcher video:

  • How to throw a bottomless cylinder
  • How to square a cylinder
  • How to cut darts and alter a form
  • How to add a slab bottom with coil reinforcements
  • How to create and add a 2-part covered slab spout
  • How to make an elegant handle from a coil
  • Plus, explanations of every technique along with many tips

SUZE LINDSAY – Elegant Ewer

Suze Lindsay is known for her beautiful functional work and in this video she demonstrates her technique for creating one of her signature ewers using thrown and slab parts. This elegant ewer is constructed of six pieces, each requiring a range of skills from design considerations, timing, and craftmanship to the proper construction, handling and attaching of the individual parts to create a well-proportioned functional piece of art.

Run time: 44 minutes.

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Skills you’ll pick up from watching Suze’s Ewer video:

  • How to make and use custom drape molds
  • How to make Suze’s “poochie bags” out of sand and cloth to help work clay into drape molds
  • How to build with stiff slabs
  • How to use flexible ribs for effective joining of parts
  • How to throw off the hump
  • How to make and attach sprig feet
  • How to make a slab spout using a template and a pencil
  • How to decorate with slips to accentuate forms
  • How to make fluid brush marks

LORNA MEADEN – Watering Can

Lorna Meaden works in porcelain and her style is simply to die for. In this video, she leads you step-by-step through her process for creating her signature watering can. If you’re interested in making complex composite forms but don’t know where to start, this video provides a wealth of information concerning design elements and the proper timing for construction. Understanding the nuances of making complicated pieces will take you to a more challenging level in the studio, which will is bound to influence your future projects.

Run time: 46 minutes.

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Skills you’ll pick up watching Lorna’s Watering Can video:

  • How to throw tall forms
  • How to throw off the hump to maximize efficiency
  • How to use a blow torch to make difficult forms easier
  • How to build successful composite forms in which all parts work together aesthetically and ergonomically
  • How to use plastic to aid in handbuilding with thin slabs
  • How to use paper templates
  • How to make a complicated-looking (but easy-to-make!) handle
  • Tips for proper spout placement on spouted vessels
  • How to incorporate a wire handle


Mike Jabbur enjoys challenging the norm and his signature teapot is a testimony to this fact. In this video, he demonstrates the throwing and complex assembly techniques he uses for one of his signature teapots. Throughout his demonstration, Mike provides details on everything from his cantilevered forms to his striking lid handles. His easy-to-follow instructions lead you step-by-step through each element providing inspiration for any form you want to try.

Run time: 1 hour.

Sneak a peek!

Skills you’ll pick up from watching Mike’s Teapot video:

  • How to throw a dramatic cantilevered form
  • How to throw with tight control but alter the form with loose gestural marks
  • How to make a simple lid seat with a chamois and a credit card
  • How to make a well-fitted lid
  • How to throw and alter a spout for gesture and optimal function
  • How to make a lid catch
  • How to make an elegant handle without much water
  • How to make and use a bisque trimming chuck for narrow-necked delicate forms
  • Plus, scores of tool tips and advice from an experienced pro

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