Fundamentals of Mold Making and Slipcasting with Guy Michael Davis

Molds are a simple way to create simple or complex forms that allow you to make multiple copies of a form with little effort. When you do this, the individual forms lose their preciousness, which allows you the freedom to creatively experiment. And as you build a library of forms, you’ll find...(Scroll for more.)


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Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes

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…even greater flexibility as you cut and reassemble shapes in any number of configurations. Guy Michael leads you step-by-step through the entire mold making and slip casting process. By the end of his demonstration, you’ll understand the principles of making both single and multi-part molds as well as how to make your own slip and successfully cast pieces. Original List Price: $49.97

What you’ll need

In the first part of the DVD, Mike explains the tools you’ll need to get started. He describes how to construct simple cottle boards of various sizes that are instrumental in casting plaster, including the types of wood to use and how to assemble them. The cottle boards are utilized throughout the rest of the DVD, as are clamps to hold them in place.

In-depth instruction

To make a simple one-piece mold, Mike throws and trims a solid clay form, then describes how to prepare the cottles and the form for casting. He includes a discussion about plaster followed with information on plaster-to-water proportions and tips on mixing it.

“I thought that making your own molds was very hard and best left to a professional. I have been stuck making everything one at a time. Struggling to keep up with orders. NOW I CAN FINALLY MAKE SOME MONEY AT MY ART! Thanks for a great video.” — M.R. New Mexico
“I found the dvd very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to make it. Michael Davis speaks clearly and was easy to understand.” — C.T., California

Simplifying complex forms

Probably the most challenging aspect of mold making is casting complex forms. With these forms, you need to identify and map out where your parting lines will be to avoid any undercuts. To demonstrate, Mike makes a mold of a star fruit that entails making a series of one-piece molds to go together to create a single three-part mold. As you watch the process, you’ll learn how these complex shapes can be broken down into simple steps.

Expanding your skill range

Even though you can purchase casting slip already made, Mike demonstrates how to make your own casting slip from scratch (recipes are included). After the slip is mixed, he then casts the two molds demonstrated earlier, and shows you how to join individual pieces to make a totally new creation. A series of images of slip cast pieces shows the incredible range of possibilities available with this forming technique.

“I found it to be an excellent video. I have experience with mold making but found this video gave some information that was new to me. That alone was worth the price of the video.” — P.J., California


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