From the Studio to the Kitchen with Didem Mert

In this video, Didem Mert shares her handbuilding techniques for three of her signature forms, as well as her bone-dry decorating with terra sigillata, underglazes and slips. Then, she heads to the kitchen and shares two of her favorite recipes to serve from her pots. Yum! (Scroll for more.)

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Runtime: 2 hours 16 minutes

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In the studio

Pinched in a cinch

We start out the video in the studio, where Didem demonstrates how she makes cups, bowls and plates. Didem chooses her forming methods with longevity in mind and shares her tips for simplifying processes and preserving wrist health. You may find yourself asking, “why didn’t I think of that?” as you discover Didem’s simple solutions for various handbuilding challenges.

You’ll learn how to:

  • make well-compressed slabs using a homemade “potato tool” instead of a slab roller
  • use an easy-on-the-wrists slab/pinch technique to make thin, consistent walls on vessel forms
  • create a plate on a bisque mold and add a wheel-thrown foot
  • make decorative textures with the “potato tool” and doll-making tools

and much more!

Test, test, and test some more!

Testing is fundamental in Didem’s decorating process and she explains how she uses paint swatches from the paint store to begin figuring out her color palette. Then she translates these swatches into ceramic by creating test tiles which show various combinations of glazes, underglazes and terra sig. The test tiles make it easy for her to brainstorm more color combinations.

Color fields and texture

Beginning in the bone dry stage, white terra sig acts as a gesso/primer to areas that will get underglazes and glaze. A Redart sig is applied to enhance the beautiful terra cotta color. After bisque firing, Didem explains how she applies a copper and underglaze washes to enhance texture and a soda ash wash to flux out the plain terra sig areas. Then it is clear glazes over select areas and off to the kiln!

In the kitchen

Didem rounds out the presentation by demonstrating two of her favorite meals to cook and serve from her pots. Beginning with a decadent carbonara* recipe handed down from her mentor, and finishing with a quinoa tabouli** recipe from her mother, Didem serves up these mouth-watering dishes just like your favorite Food Network stars!

* This dish contains meat
** This dish is vegetarian

Pick up these great clay techniques and learn to create two delectable dishes in this thorough and easy-to-follow presentation!

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