Darted & Decorated with Jennifer Allen

In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Jennifer Allen demonstrates her techniques for creating her beautiful porcelain pots. Jennifer begins the video as she began her personal exploration of form: by making simple alterations on wheel thrown forms, pointing out that interesting forms can be developed ...(Scroll for more.)

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Runtime: Approximately 2 hours 15 minutes

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…using the simplest of studio tools that every potter has in their tool box. She moves on to her primary method of altering clay forms by demonstrating her single-pointed and double-pointed darting techniques on thrown pieces. Then she demonstrates how her darting techniques can be applied to handbuilt forms as well. For each project, she also shares her decorating techniques, from the greenware stage all the way through the glaze. By the end of the video, you’ll be ready to slice and dice, bend and fold, and paint and carve your way to fresh new forms and surfaces!

Warming up to altering pots

Jennifer Allen began her investigations of altering wheel thrown forms by making small changes to simple forms, and this is how she begins the video. She explains that starting with simple forms is a great “warm-up” exercise for altering because if you mess up, you haven’t invested a lot of time. And you are likely to take more risks if you don’t have a lot invested!

From cloth to clay

As the DVD progresses, so does the complexity of the forms, as Jen explains how she adapted sewing techniques into pottery making techniques. In great step-by-step detail, she demonstrates double-pointed darts on a water pitcher and single pointed darts on a gravy boat or syrup pitcher. In addition she demonstrates one of her classic butter dishes, showing how darts work great on handbuilt forms too!

Topping it all off

For each piece constructed, Jen shares various decorative techniques from the leather-hard stage all the way through glazing. You’ll be inspired by the potential for mixing and matching these techniques to create amazing surfaces.

Some highlights of skills presented:

  • use the double-pointed darted technique on a thrown pitcher form
  • make slab-constructed spouts
  • use bisque drape molds to create butter dish
  • make a lid for a butter dish using the single-pointed darting technique
  • use a handheld extruder to create coil feet
  • decorate with slip trailing, brushing, and pouring
  • carve around slip to add detail
  • decorate with glaze trailing and slip/glaze/underglaze/stain inlay

Bonus features

In addition to a plethora of glaze recipes, the video includes bonus PDFs illustrating additional forms that can be created with darting techniques.

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