Creative Tile Making with Angelica Pozo

Tile making provides so many opportunities for creativity that it’s no wonder some artists find themselves devoting all their time to them. Angelica Pozo...(Scroll for more.)

$27.97 — $32.97

Runtime: 3 hours

Sneak a peek!

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..mastered tile making years ago and shares her vast knowledge of the process along with her many decorating skills in this comprehensive step-by-step video demonstration. Original List Price: $69.97

Beginning with basic tile forming and progressing through a robust range of decorating techniques, you’ll discover so many things that you’ll be wondering just where to start — a single tile, a panel, a backsplash, an outdoor installation, a table? Angelica has done them all and provides the information you need to get you successfully on the way.

“Angelica was very relaxed and appeared comfortable on camera. As a tile maker, I was pleased to see her emphasis on detail. Angelica covered tile making very thoroughly, and the inclusion of ‘tips’ and ‘hints’ of her process will be helpful to future tile makers.” – B.W., Virginia
“Very informative, yet not overly simple. Awesome job.” – J., Michigan

Beyond the basics

The video is divided into three parts. The first section covers selecting the appropriate clay and rolling out slabs. The second section occupies most of the video with decorating techniques that can take your tile project in many directions. In the final section, Angelica demonstrates how to make tile projects utilizing several techniques.

Getting it flat

One of the most difficult aspects of making tile is getting them to stay flat. Angelica briefly touches on the rolling out process but spends a lot of time going over the handling procedures for your slab. Using her technique will assure your tiles will remain flat throughout the decorating and finishing process.

“This is a great DVD – well-done and full of great tips. I have been trying to make a flat tile for five years, and now I have greater hopes of doing so!” – F.R., Alabama
“The DVD had everything I could have wanted to learn about tile making. Angelica was very good at showing all stages of tile making.” – L.W., Arkansas

Making tiles unique

The lure of making your own tiles is that each one can be unique. Angelica demonstrates processes like wet slip decorating, slip trailing, sgraffito, adding and subtracting clay, resists, rouletting, applique, combing, stamping and more. Whether you choose one or several techniques for a single tile or tile installation, you’ll get enough creative ideas to certainly keep you going for quite a long time.

Add tiles to your life

Once you’ve learned what it takes to do some tilemaking, Angelica demonstrates a few projects you can successfully take on. You’ll learn some of the tricks behind making a mosaic and also how to construct tile installations, including advice on adhesives.

“She gave great tips. I haven’t had a chance to try any of it yet but I think it will be very helpful!” – S.D., Texas
“The DVD was very educational. It has helped me, in her demonstrations, to make tile making much easier. I watch it over and over again ,seeing something new each time.” – E., Minnesota


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