Ceramic Jewelry Making Part 2 with Jen Allen and Maia Leppo

In this video, which is the second in our two-part series Ceramic Jewelry Making, metalsmith Maia Leppo gives a great introduction into the world of metalsmithing to help you create ... (Scroll down for more!)


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… one-of-a-kind ceramic and metal jewelry. Buying pre-manufactured jewelry findings is a great way to start out with ceramic jewelry, but learning some metalsmithing techniques and creating your own designs will take your jewelry to the next level.

A Solid Introduction

Maia covers a range of techniques including making decorative metal earring components, soldering metal pieces, making prong-set pendants, texturing and creating patinas, and more. All of this will help you develop a comfort level with this new material that will help your jewelry stand apart.

A New Vocabulary

As ceramic artists we speak our own language. Since many of the metalsmithing terms and equipment will be unfamiliar to ceramic artists, we’ve included a PDF of vocabulary terms and definitions to help you familiarize yourself with this new vocabulary. Bonus videos also include an overview of the tools of the trade, including how to set up your acetylene torch. We suggest looking it over before you watch the video to help keep you up to speed.

Combined Expertise to Help You Make Beautiful Work

By approaching ceramic jewelry with the combined expertise of both a ceramic artist and a metalsmith, it is our hope that this video series will help viewers broaden their notions of what ceramic jewelry can be.

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