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Select Series

from $52.97

Collect all four and save! Introducing the Ceramic Arts Select Series! Each edition of the Ceramic Arts Select Series focuses on specific related forms and presents some of the best examples of how contemporary artists are...(Scroll down for more.)

The Lisa Naples Collection

from $79.97

Save 16% — 27%

The Best of Both Worlds! Whether you are a potter interested in expanding your repertoire to include sculpture, or vice versa, Lisa Naples’ two videos – Functional Pottery and Narrative Animal Sculpture – are loaded with information and inspiration. When you buy the two together you can save up to $20 off the original list price! (Scroll for more.)

Wheel Throwing Collection with Jennifer Allen

from $79.97

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate potter, Jennifer Allen's Wheel Throwing Collection is right for you! Jennifer covers everything from how to wedge to how to make complex forms in these two ...(Scroll for more.)

The Daryl Baird Extruder Collection

from $59.97

Get a book and a DVD! This extensive how-to book puts you in touch with all the creative potential of the extruder. With more than 50% new material, this book features new works by artists, up-to-date information on extruders, and sixteen great step-by-step demonstrations, making it a must for anyone with an extruder in their ...(Scroll for more.)

Sumi von Dassow Collection


Sticks and Stones . . . are just about the only things it takes to enjoy pit firing and burnishing. These extremely low-tech techniques require the very basics — some sticks for a fire, rocks or bricks for a pit, and a stone to smooth the clay surface.

The Robin Hopper Collection—SAVE $35

from $89.00

Robin Hopper is the author of three of the most highly acclaimed books for the studio potter: The Ceramic Spectrum, Functional Pottery and Making Marks. These three comprehensive books form the core of any ceramic art library because...(Scroll for more.)

Robin Hopper: Functional Collection


Functional Pottery has been used by potters around the world and in a great many colleges as required reading. It’s a book of personal development in the design, making, and aesthetics of ceramic objects for use, based on more than 40 years of practical experience. Not only is this book the most informative written on the subject of functional pottery and its design and aesthetic, but the illustrations of both historical...(Scroll for more.)

The Paul Lewing China Painting Collection


Get a book and a DVD! Invented in 9th century China, coveted in 17th century Europe, treasured in 19th century America, and neglected by art schools for more than 100 years, china painting is poised for a revival as new materials, new forms and new imagery appear...(Scroll for more.)

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