Glazing & Decorating Techniques


The Robin Hopper Collection


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Robin Hopper is the author of three of the most highly acclaimed books for the studio potter: The Ceramic Spectrum, Functional Pottery and Making Marks. These three comprehensive books form the core of any ceramic art library because...(Scroll for more.)

The Potter’s Encyclopedia of Color, Form and Decoration


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Ceramic vessels come in an enormous variety of shapes, colors and decorative finishes — a fact that contributes to the appeal and excitement of pottery as a medium, while presenting the potter with a bewildering number of choices...(Scroll for more.)

Colored Clay with Curtis Benzle


Colored clays have been used for centuries in ceramics to attain qualities not possible with any other technique. From jewelry and lighting to functional and sculptural pieces, working with colored clay requires a whole different way of thinking in ceramics...(Scroll for more.)

Making Marks

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Making Marks is about enriching the ceramic surface, the processes for doing it, and the concepts, idea development and personal research behind it. And while “making marks” is a generalized term used...(Scroll for more.)

Functional Pottery

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Functional Pottery has been used by potters around the world and in a great many colleges and universities as required reading. It’s a book of personal development in the design, making, and aesthetics of ceramics objects for use, based on more than 40 years of practical experience. This book includes images of work by potters from...(Scroll for more.)

The Ceramic Spectrum

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The accepted standard for understanding glazes, underglazes, colored clays, and engobes, this book explores glaze and color making in a hands-on way that follows the empirical understanding used for...(Scroll for more.)

The Surface Techniques of Steven Hill


Have you ever walked through the woods and noticed the textures on the trees or on the ground? That interplay between moss, bark, lichens, ferns and leaves draws you in with its complex patterns... (Scroll for more.)

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