Carve Your Clay

Carve Your Clay takes you through creative techniques that produce amazing, dynamic results, including inlay, piercing, sgraffito, etching, relief carving, wire cutting, and more. Gain new skills as you complete 16 projects featuring author Hilda Carr's signature style, each with ... (Scroll down for more!)


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Hardcover | 144 pages

Order code B208 | ISBN: 978-178221-852-4

… clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow instruction to achieve beautiful results.

Start with the Basics

Hilda will introduce you to her essential carving tools and discuss which clay is best for creating carved pieces—and what state it should be in.  From store-bought tools to homemade, you’ll discover how to make your own unique marks. You’ll also find an overview of the carving techniques that are covered in the book, and which projects you will find them in!

Carving Techniques Covered:

  • Combing with a custom tool to carve narrow, parallel grooves
  • Impressing with carved linoleum on wet slabs
  • Incising with a knife through the wall of your vessel
  • Fluting with loop tools to create a variety of effects depending on the size of your loop tool
  • Carving a geometric pattern to add simple or complex designs
  • Freehand surface texture ideas to jumpstart your imagination
  • Carving and inlaying slip to add visual interest
  • Carving to give shape to wheel-thrown forms
  • Fluting marbled surfaces to reveal exciting patterns in the clay
  • And much more!

Glazing and Finishing

Hilda also explains how to make the most of your carvings with the glazes you choose. Not all glazes work with carved surfaces and you’ll get tips on choosing the glaze that will help bring out your carved surfaces. You discover what glazes complement rather than compete with textured surfaces.

Projects! Projects! Projects!

The best way to learn techniques is by trying projects designed by an expert. Hilda provides 16 beautifully carved projects for you to recreate and to be inspired by. She guides you through the forming of each piece and then gives instructions on how to do the carving technique. After trying these projects, you’ll figure out which speaks most to your creative vision, and be excited to take the techniques in your own direction!

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