Calendars for 2019

SOLD OUT! Cover your walls in ceramic art! Be inspired every month in 2019. Admire how these selected artists approach forms and decoration using distinct techniques.


Brought to you by ICAN (International Ceramic Artists Network) and exclusive to Act fast—these popular calendars sell out quickly each year! Choose from four different themes:

  1. Functional Collection SOLD OUT
  2. Mugs Collection SOLD OUT
  3. Sculptural Collection SOLD OUT
  4. Surface Decoration Collection SOLD OUT

Functional Collection

Featuring the following artists: Terri Lloyd, George McCaulley, Ai Yamamoto, Melynn Allen, Sooyeon Kim, Ali Taj, Clay Grigsby, Leslie Messersmith, Steve Loucks, Klaudia Levin, Bill Boulware, and Ken Turne

Mugs Collection

Featuring the following artists: Will Talbot, Marion Angelica, Pat Clapsaddle, Mark Chuck, C.A. Traen, Lora Rust, Melynn Allen, Margaret Seidenberg Ellis, Eliza Wang, Cathy Chang, Stephen Mullins, and Jan Schachter.

Surface Decoration Collection

Featuring the following artists: Marcia Selsor, Daria Claiborne, Colleen Williams, Maria Kravtsova, Jason Kishell, Lori Martin, Karen Mckee, Susan O’Connor, Ji Shin, Mari Emori, Thea Patterson, and Hannah Graeper Carver.

Sculpture Collection

Featuring the following artists: Judi Tavill, Kay Franz, Shamai Sam Gibsh, Patricia Neysens, Ray Bogle, Suzanne Stumpf, Brigitta Dixon, Rene Murray, Kristen Morsches, Tiffany Schmierer, Susan O’Connor, and Lee Middleman.


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