Calendars for 2018

Cover your walls in ceramic art! Be inspired every month in 2018. Admire how these selected artists approach forms and decoration using distinct techniques.


Ships the week of November 27th

Brought to you by ICAN (International Ceramic Artists Network) and exclusive to Act fast–these popular calendars sell out quickly each year! Choose from four different themes:

  1. Pots with Flowers Collection
  2. General Entry Collection
  3. Functional Collection
  4. Sculptural Collection

Functional Collection

Featuring the following artists: Debra Oliva, Justin Donofrio, Kimberly Cook, Melissa Mencini, CA Traen, Ai Yamamoto, Debra Oliva, Heidi McKenzie, Adrienne Eliades, Sam Scott, Rimas VisGirda, Marion Angelica, and Dganit Moreno.

General Collection

Featuring the following artists: Leah Kaplan, Bernadette Esperanza Torres, Lee Middleman, Suzanne Sidebottom, Stephanie Osser, Alberto Bustos, Christopher Turk, Doris Fischer-Colbrie, Shae Eakright, Mari Emori, Tom Schumacher, and Ken Turner.

Pots with Flowers Collection

Featuring the following artists: Ai Yamamoto, Asta Bubliene, Janet Burner, Rimas VisGirda, Margaret Seidenberg-Ellis, Timothy Young, Jan Schachter, Veronique Harris, Luiza Yagafarova, Paul Briggs, Doris Fischer-Colbrie, and Melissa Mencini.

Sculpture Collection

Featuring the following artists: Raymond Bogle, Bert De Bondt, Kathlyn Avila, Linda Fitz Gibbon, Suzanne Stumpf, Kerri Boyd, Alberto Bustos, Janet Burner, Andrea Vinkovic, Meg Murch, Lin Xu, and Steve Allen.


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