Beautiful Bottles with Sam Scott

Voluminous, narrow-necked forms are one of the most challenging forms a potter can make, and in Beautiful Bottles: Throwing Bulbous Pots with Narrow Necks, Sam Scott draws on his forty plus years of experience to help you master them with ease. ...(Scroll down for more!)


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You’ll learn how to:

  • Push the clays limits and make wider, rounder bottle forms
  • Prevent collapse when expanding a bulbous vase form from the inside
  • Create an organic, handbuilt neck on a thrown bottle form
  • Throw a narrow-neck for a bulbous form
  • Trim vase forms on chucks and chums
  • Fix air pockets at the trimming stage
  • And much more!

The mechanics of bulbous bottles

Large round vase forms are much easier to pull off once you know some simple mechanics. Sam begins by throwing a large rounded vase with a wider neck to address the basics of making forms with round volumes. You’ll pick up great tips like the importance of leaving supporting clay at the bottom that can be trimmed into a graceful curve that matches the inside profile. Then he moves on to show two variations on creating bulbous bottles with narrow necks: a thrown and attached neck, and a handbuilt neck.

Volume and constriction the easy way

Since it can be very difficult to throw bulbous forms with narrow necks in one piece, Sam has two more-approachable techniques that he uses to create the necks on his beautiful bottles. One of the biggest challenges to throwing bulbous forms is leaving enough clay at the rim to throw a neck on a wide bulbous form, without collapsing it at the shoulder. So Sam throws a large round form with a very narrow opening at the top and attaches a thrown ring at the leather hard state. To contrast refined throwing with a more organic look, Sam explains how to make handbuilt necks using a dowel rod.

If you have found yourself frustrated with voluminous bottle forms, Sam will help you ease that frustration and master them once and for all!

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