Barrel, Pit and Saggar Firing

This Ceramics Monthly Handbook reflects the keen interest in pit firing and related techniques. The artists included here were carefully selected to illustrate the wide range of approaches to barrel, pit, and saggar firing. Works ranging from wheel-thrown and coil-built pots to complex sculpture are tied together by a similarity in the firing process...(Scroll for more.)



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…Originally published in 2001, Barrel, Pit, and Saggar Firing is now available as a downloadable PDF. Imagine what ancient practitioners of firing would think of your easy computer access to such a wealth of creative ideas?

The allure of pit and saggar firing

Since the first fired clay pot was made, perhaps accidentally by leaving a mud-lined basket too close to a fire, the potter has had fire as an active collaborator. During the millennia since then, progress in pottery technology has usually meant taming the fire —making it hotter, cleaner, more controlled and more predictable. For many potters, while advances have improved their odds for success, some still love the sense of having an inanimate and unpredictable collaborator.

Many Approaches

Just about every culture with access to clay has fired pots in open fires at some time in their history. With such a history, no wonder there are so many techniques. In Barrel, Pit, and Saggar Firing, you’ll discover 40 different artists taking different approaches to forming, finishing, and firing their work. From traditional Native American techniques to firing in a barbecue grill, this book has no shortage of creative techniques.

Which type of firing is right for you?

With so many choices, you’ll have trouble deciding which way to go. If you have access to a beach, pit firing there would be fun (with permission, of course!). If you want to fire a small number of pots at one time, or can’t dig a pit, try barrel or saggar firing. If you think smoke would be a problem, try a saggar. Sumi von Dassow answers all your questions and contributing artists provide loads of inspiration and information.


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