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In this installment of the Ceramic Arts Daily Presents Video Series, Jake Allee demonstrates the various ways he cuts up and alters thrown forms and puts them back together again to make interesting vessels. Throughout the process, Jake explains...(Scroll for more.)

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Runtime: 2 hours

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…the design decisions he incorporates to hold the pieces together. In addition, he explains how sketching plays a role in his work, keeping his mind engaged in the creative process even when he is away from the pottery studio. In watching this video, you’ll learn to look at basic forms differently and be inspired to come up with new and interesting forms of your own. Original List Price: $69.97

Energize your pots

Jake Allee is a high energy potter and his work shows it. Besides being a potter, he enjoys the outdoors, skateboarding, playing drums, riding motorcycles, mountain biking and snowboarding. He brings this energy to bear in his work as he leads you through a series of projects including a hex jar, platter, Uxmal vase, quatrefoil vase, pitcher and triple stilted bucket. Along the way he provides an intelligent commentary that is both instructive and inspiring for anyone looking for a way to infuse new energy into their pots.


Jakes draws his inspiration from several sources. First, he emphasizes how drawing informs not only the making of an object but how you can use drawing to perpetuate new ideas and he gives a quick demonstration of how this works. He also maintains that your personal life can influence your work, and his active lifestyle is reflected in the energy displayed both in his pots and his techniques. Finally, Jake draws inspiration from both historic and contemporary art and cultures and provides examples of how you can do the same. These three areas of influence are shown through video montages in the DVD.

Create new pots

The main focus of Jake’s DVD is on how you can take three or four basic thrown forms, cut them apart, alter them then reassemble them into creative combinations. In addition, he adds lids, handles, and physical surface decoration to enhance the pieces. During his demonstrations, he explains the what, how, and why of every step of the making process so you can better understand the creative process, and not just randomly put parts together.

The universal medium

Jake is committed to dispelling the fears of making art and he does this by not holding back any secrets. He believes it’s necessary to provide resources for knowledge and also cultivate and provide examples in an inspirational and motivating manner. He maintains that ceramics is the universal media of art making capable of being utilized for utilitarian objects, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, painting, and more.

About Jake Allee

Jake Allee holds a BFA from The University of Iowa, and an MFA from the University of North Texas. During his academic career, he participated in study abroad programs in Italy at the International School of Graphic Arts in Venice, and The University of the Andes in Venezuela. Jake has taught at Yavapai Community College in Clarkdale, Arizona, as well as McLennan Community College and Tyler Junior College in Texas. He currently lives in Grand Junction Colorado and teaches at Mesa State College. Jake’s work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. To learn more about Jake, please visit


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