A Professional’s Guide to Hanging Ceramic Art from Artist & Curator Adam Chau

In this video, artist and professional curator Adam Chau shares his secrets for successful wall installation of ceramic pieces. Whether you are installing work in a gallery or just on your ... (Scroll down for more!)


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… showroom wall, it is important to follow some simple rules of design and create a polished installation.

How do you know how high to install your pieces? How should they be organized so that it is visually appealing? What should you use to hang the work? Adam answers all these questions and more.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Make three different types of hanging mechanisms on your work, plus a tip for a store-bought tool in case you forget!
  • Use principles of design to arrange multiple objects on the wall in a pleasing way
  • Hang pieces at the optimal height
  • Build rhythm, balance, and symmetry in your design

Adam begins with discussing the optimal eye height for hanging work as a starting point for mapping out your installation. Using colored paper cut-outs, he moves onto spacing out the work, giving great tips for ways to display objects in a way that helps develop relationships between them. He also covers multiple ways to create symmetry, rhythm, and hierarchy when hanging multiple pieces on a wall.

Next Adam shares several ways hanging mechanisms can be designed into ceramic works, including his method of inserting high-temperature wire into a piece when it is leather hard. Then he gives his best tips and techniques for hanging pieces using a few ceramic plates. He wraps up the demonstration by discussing grouping disparate objects together on a wall in an aesthetically pleasing way.

If you are interested in creating beautiful wall displays that will help sell your work, Adam’s expert tips will help you avoid common mistakes and achieve success!

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